“Fake Journalist” Represented Trump At The White House Correspondent’s Dinner And It Turned Out To Be Epic! Watch Full Video!

Trump has become the first President in modern times to skip the White House Correspondent’s Dinner which is a celebration of free speech and instead went to address a rally.

There was no shortage of representation however but Trump’s weekend could already be ruined because the man who represented him is a “fake journalist”, comedian, Muslim and immigrant. It is just like all of Trump’s nightmares coming true at the same time. His representative is Hasan Minhaj from The Daily Show!

And already, a few conspiracies are catching fire online. One is that Trump has been well known to be especially active on Twitter at 3am. But his represntative worked out that 3am Washington Time is 10 am Moscow time (business hours in Russia!)

Angry tweets will be expected from Trump. Watch full video below!