Russian State Owned Media Company Now Has Clearance To Work In The White House And Their Reporter Just Made A Derogatory Finger Salute At The White House Press Room!

For the first time in US Political history, we will have a Russian State Owned Media Company ,Sputnik news, operating and reporting directly from the White House. During the Trump Presidency, Sputnkik petitioned thw White House for clearance and now they have full clearance.

For Sputnik to report directly from the White House is the equivalent of say CNN, Voice Of America  or National Public Radio reporting directly from the Kremlin.

Some political experts have said that this move shows that under Trump America will cultivate a stronger relationship with Russia but some pundits have been surprised by the move.

In a related development, the Sputnik reporter based in the White House has allegedly made a derogatory racist finger salute and this has caused uproar. Cassandra Fairbanks, a reporter for Sputnik Russia News made the finger gesture behind the podium at the White House briefing room.




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