Michael Flynn Was Paid $45,000 To Appear With Russian President Vladmir Putin At A Gala Dinner. You Just Can’t Make Up Such A Story Up!! You Just Can’t!

Then Defense Intelligence Agency director U.S. Army Lt. General Michael Flynn (Image: Reuters)

New revelations about the Trump-Russia connection will leave many Americans stunned and totally lost for words.

Trump’s former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn who was let go of his duties after a discovery of his close ties to Russia was paid $45,000 to appear at a gala dinner with Russian President Vladmir Putin.

According to the reputable Washington Post newspaper investigations, Michael Flynn also worked as a foreign agent representing Turkish interests for a Netherlands based company- Inovo BV , which paid his company Flynn Intel Grroup $530,000 in the fall.

Michael Flynn did not seek permission from the US government to work as a paid foreign agent for Turkish interests .

The Senate Investigation Committee into Trump-Russia connections will therefore seek more documents from the White House regarding the matter. The paid dinner with Putin, working as a foreign agent representing Turkey will surely be a matter of concern in Washington Political circles.

Flynn’s lawyers will be putting out a statement.