Trump Started A Very Nasty Trade War With Canada That Is Really Unnecessary And Uncalled For

Trump slowly started an ugly trade war against Canada soon after assuming his Presidency but has now intensified it, unfairly blaming Canada for America’s struggling Diary industry. Instead of providing more subsidies to American farmers, investing in diary processing plants and expanding America’s export market, Trump has instead infuriated almost all of america’s allies and business partners, called for tight trade protectionism and preached “buy only American”, hence slowly killing off America’s foreign markets who are closely watching Trump as he warns Americans to only “buy American” yet he wants to export American goods and produce to other lands.

Trump has failed to address Winsconsin’s struggling diary industry and instead told Winsconsin diary farmers that their problems are a result of Canada’s booming diary industry  suggesting that the Canadians sell their diary products at cheap prices hence undercutting American diary products.

It is believed Trump is looking to close off the US market to Canada’s products.

Canada’s timber industry will suffer due to Trump’s new trade war but so will America suffer after alienating itself from their next door neighbour to the north.

Canada has been a good trade partner with the US for many years and these latest events will lead to the unknown.

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