French Presidential Hopeful Offers Asylum And Sanctuary To Americans Fleeing Trump’s Presidency

REUTERS/Robert Pratta

French Presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron has promised to provide asylum and sanctuary to Americans fleeing the Trump Presidency. The 39 year old French Presidential candidate is widely popular and many believe he will win majority of the vote against her far right wing rival Marine Le Pen.

Macron’s offer to Americans seeking to run away from America due to the current political climate has been welcomed by many and already it is expected that thousands of Americans will take up the offer if Emmanuel Macron wins the Presidency.

The French immigration website was inundated by thousands of American visitors and queries immediately after the announcement was made.

It is expected that hundreds of Climate change scientists and researchers will be the first to move to France as their work and research has been rejected by the Trump administration as fake. The Trump administration refuses to acknowledge any reference to climate change and will reverse all Obama’s measures in tackling climate change.

Already, American vehicle manufactures who had been forced by the Obama administration to make cars following strict pollution guidelines now have got Trump’s greenlight to ignore any pollution or emission guidelines.



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