Daily Telegraph Claims Theresa May Is Britain’s Best And Most Popular Prime Minister In 50 Years. Yes Or No?

UK’s Daily Telegraph newspaper has heaped praise on Theresa May, calling her the best Prime Minister Britain has had since the 1970s, and also saying “she’s extremely popular with the voters”.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper is among the Pro- Brexit newspapers that campaigned endlessly for Brexit together with the Daily Express, Daily Star, Express Newspaper, The Daily Mail and The Sun newspaper.

The claim made by the Daily telegraph about Theresa May’s popularity has caused divided opinion with some readers on social media claiming that it was pure propaganda ahead of the next general election.

So we ask readers to comment and say what they think of this story.

Is Theresa May Britain’s most popular Prime Minister in 50 years? Yes or No?


  1. What i do not realize is actually how you are not actually much more well-liked than you might be now. You are so intelligent. You realize therefore considerably relating to this subject, made me personally consider it from numerous varied angles. Its like women and men aren’t fascinated unless it is one thing to do with Lady gaga! Your own stuffs great. Always maintain it up!

    • She is incompetent, refuses to listen, won’t compromise. She is all the things a politician should NOT be. Just like Thatcher but even more stupid. With whom is she popular? Racist morons?

  2. Bull shit! She called an election because the fraudulent won 29 seats will be taken off them when the CPS announces the MPS that will be persecuted! So stop this crap reporting in favour of the false Conservative party!

  3. Has the standard of education in England really fallen so low that ANYONE thinks this could be true? Fake News in an alternative guise. Nothing more!

  4. This is a woman who can’t even do a convincing job of reading from her pre-prepared script at PMQ’s, at least Cameron could deliver his lines and pre-written ‘jokes’, she won’t debate with the other party leaders on live tv and there’s a very good reason for that – the public would realise that the the press and broadcast media have been lying to them, Corbyn and others, would absolutely wipe the floor with her.

  5. There is awful and incompetent, there is totally and utterly useless in every respect not just as PM but as a human being…then there is Theresa May.

  6. Absolutely NO! She was an appalling Home Secretary and is a disastrous PM. The sooner she is voted out of office the better.

  7. Absolutely not she has tripled the debt lost the triple A. Underfunded the NHS cut school budgets. She has sent over a million people to a food bank the telegraph is deluded in even attempting to try and make this story a goer. The only reason Theresa may called the election was because of the electoral fraud the 30 mps she said she would back which tells me she is corrupt as they are she’s backing cheats and liars.

    • Wholeheartedly agree with you. She’s not to be trusted. She’ll be even more dictatorial than Tony Blair ever was.

  8. Not a lot I can add really, it’s all been said, by the other comment on this page and I agree with everyone of them, she is a self serving conniving woman who seems to support crooked tory mps

  9. I honestly never thought I would live to see a worse PM than Thatcher but May is worse. I can only assume that this ridiculous story is designed to collect emails addresses to sell on to direct marketing firms.

    • The story was actually on daily telegraph website unless they took it down which I doubt. The story praised Theresa may but also viciously attacked Jeremy Corbyn. If you type the right search words on Google you will find it. there’s a possibility the tories paid the telegraph for the story. I imagine don’t know how the whole thing works. But again, I’m not surprised the telegraph praises May. The same paper basically campaigns for a hard Brexit. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  10. No she is heartless and her efforts with Brexit are embarassing. Voting Labour because I want the NHS to survive, education to be properly funded and the elderly, disabled and poor to be treated fairly.

  11. She is a total disgrace. She is shameless, ruthless, sociopathic and incompetent- quite apart from the fact that half of her troops are under criminal investigation for electoral fraud. She’s like a cut price Thatcher without the originality.

  12. May is loved, as much as the late Tory Jimmy Savile was by the clueless paper readers and bbc (biased bullshit corporation) fans,
    but hated more, by the people with children, disabilities, elderly, medical staff, police, fire services, teachers, small businesses/self employed, 0 hour contract workers and pretty much anyone with free thought and a fear of power junkies with nukes.
    #makejunetheendofmay #JC4PM #peace not trident #NOtoNuclear

  13. Theresa May is the worst PM in my life time, 75 years, I have always been a conservative, no more,
    I will be voting LIB DEM

    • Please think of voting Labour. Watch a speech of Corbyn’s on YouTube -he is awesome, that rare thing an honest politician who cannot be bought. I am from South Africa and have Welsh parents- we are struggling with a corrupt leader and many corrupt politicians. Do it for the NHS. It is the UKs greatest achievement, the envy of the whole world, and warts and all it is better than the healthcare systems of most of the rest of the world. I pay a quarter of my salary for a medicine for my middle son who has a rare kind of anaemia. This medicine is not covered by my medical insurance, despite being prescribed by s hematologist and its effect clearly demonstrated by a rise of hemoglobin on a blood test.

    • Juliet, why vote Lib Dems. Thy have conned many people, including myself, I am sad to say. You just cannot trust them. They have already intimated that they may side with the torys again. I, and many millions feel that the only way to defeat May and bring an end to this disastrous and inhumane Government is to vote, unfortunately, for a socialist Labour party. Love or hate it is the only party with the strength in numbers to win. Please don’t wast your precious vote on the Lib/Dems, they just don’t deserve consideration. Ukip is a manufactured party and almost bankrupt. Labour IS the only viable alternative. And lets face it, at least we know the deficit will come down and there will be absolutely no danger of nuclear holocaust. I could not believe that tory who said he would pull the trigger first. Insane!!

  14. No – she could well go on to be the most unpopular Prime Minister for 50 years though, unless the UK voters get their act together and kick her and the rest of the selfish toffs out on their ears. Vote Labour – for the NHS, for education, for transport, for housing, for the economy, for investment, and for a decent future for all of us instead of just the privileged few

  15. HAHAHA. A dog terd is more popular than she is. She is a nasty piece of work who only serves her rich buddies while trampling on the poor, sick, disabled, unemployment, underpaid. She’s a disgusting vile person.

  16. No way! For the first time in my life, my mother’s life and that of most friends I’ve spoken to we’re all NOT voting conservative! Lib Dem instead!

    • Please consider Labour. Do it for the NHS. At least watch some of Corbyn’s speeches on YouTube before making a Final decision. He hasn’t had his fair share of unbiased coverage in the mainstream media and it is because he would expect corporations to pay their fair share of taxes and not hide their money in tax havens. He would rescue the NHS from privatization and that is a thing you should fight for-the NHS is your proudest achievement and most valuable asset as a nation- the envy of all the country’s in the world for all its faults due to underfunding. Please give it some thought and consider it. I think it would make the whole world a safer place.

  17. Don’t know what drugs they’re on at the Telegraph to even THINK they are right about this. Today’s news has told us that she would be willing to make a preemptive strike with nuclear weapons. Bad enough that someone would use them to retaliate, but to have a Prime Minister that insane… Surely there should be an insanity check before they can take up the post of Prime Minister!
    …and they want us to believe that Jeremy Corbyn is insane…
    To quote a certain well-loved TV programme it looks like she “would see the country burn if she could rule the ashes”.

  18. Hardly the best – she continually refuses to answer direct questions…. because she can’t defend the indefensible. She refuses to go on TV to defend her policies in head to head debates with the other party leaders.

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