Tony Blair “Almost Motivated” To Make A Comeback. Can’t Let the U.K Be Hijacked By A Small Group Of People With A Strong Ideology


Tony Blair may be forced to make a political comeback if the political situation in Britain continues to be as chaotic as it is. In a brief interview with radio 4, Tony Blair eloquently ripped apart the current pro Brexit government and said while Theresa May was a good and decent person, she had got it totally wrong on Brexit.

Here is Tony Blair’s point in his own words while speaking to Radio 4, ” I look at the British political scene at the moment and i actually almost feel motivated to go right back into it. I feel we are allowing ourselves to be hijacked by a small group of people with a very strong ideology. Okay, I accept they managed to win the referendum last year but they shouldn’t seriously be allowed to just take this country where they will.  I agree that someone like Theresa May looks very sensible, she’s solid, she’s a perfectly decent person and i agree with her on alot of issues but on this issue (Brexit) , which is the biggest issue of our times and which will have a dramatic impact on our future, our economy, our living standards and on the younger people of this country. On this issue, she’s not reasonable. She’s enthralled by that small group on the right and they are taking her and taking us where they want to go.”