Live Poll: Should Facebook Live Be Scrapped? Yes Or No?

Image Credit: Hindustan Times

Facebook Live streaming has changed the way we communicate in ways we never thought possible. But already technology analysts say that Facebook Live could mark the slow demise of Facebook.

Facebook Live, a feature that was brought in to enhance the most popular social network in the world has slowly started to cause controversy.

Facebook Live is a very powerful, useful and all round great feature and addition to facebook but the problem is that the same important tool has been misused so much that now Facebook will have to balance its usefulness against the harm it can inflict.

An armed man took to Facebook to share a video of himself killing a man on the streets of Cleveland.

The video was initially thought to have been filmed using Facebook Live, the social network’s video broadcasting feature, though a company spokesperson later confirmed that the killer recorded the video and uploaded it after the fact. He did use Facebook Live later in the day, though, to talk about.

But still, some other killings have taken place on Facebook live.

Gruesome accidents showing people dying or lifeless have been streamed live on facebook leaving some viewers emotionally damaged, not to mention to lack of respect for the accident victims.

Some Facebook users have logged onto Facebook only to see people performing sexual acts on Facebook live. There are people using drugs and broadcasting on facebook live. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to monitor and control live streaming.

Moreover, there are many young teenagers, 13 year olds, 14 year olds, 15, 16, 17 year olds using Facebook and all can easily stumble upon violent material.

I’m sure no parent would like their children to see some of the things broadcast on Facebook Live. Infact some parents wouldn’t want to see that material too.

Is it time to start a petition to shut down Facebook live? Can we write a letter to Mark Zuckerberg?

Do you think Facebook Live Should be Scrapped? Yes Or No?? And What is the worst thing you have seen on Facebook Live?

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