Bill O’Reilly Should Not Be Allowed To Visit The White House, Says Civil Rights Attorney. Yes Or No?

Bill O’Reilly should not be allowed to visit the White House as it will reflect poorly on the reputation of our government and will also be a stab in the back for the women who were sexually harassed by the Fox News TV star and pundit, said a leading civil rights attorney.

“Trump and O’Reilly are close friends and this continues to send a bad message for the women in our country. It’s as if this kind of behaviour that led to the sacking of O’Reilly from Fox news is becoming normalised and it shouldn’t. Bill O’Reilly should not be allowed to visit the White House,” E.L.Wright wrote on Reddit, a popular social network.

Bill O’Reilly has been accused of sexual harassment from a number of women, some of who were requested to settle out of court and reach a financial agreement to keep the cases from going out of hand. It is reported Bill O’Reilly has settled US $13 million but President Trump says his friend Bill O’Reilly is a good man and shouldn’t have paid a penny.

Trump said, ” I don’t think Bill did anything wrong. I know him very well. He’s a good man.”

But even President Trump’s support could not help O’Reilly keep his job and he was fired after almost 20 years with Fox news.


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