Barack Obama Warned Against Brexit. Said Britain Would Be Pushed To The Back Of The Queue In Trade Talks And Now Trump Has Just Done It


Trump has pushed Britain to the “back of the queue” as he makes signing Trade deals with Europe a top priority. He will sign trade deals with the European Union, after which he will then sign trade deals with the UK, exactly how former US President Barack Obama warned and predicted as he sought to advise Britons not to break away from the European Union.

While Donald Trump’s staunch allies and supporters in Britain will see this as a betrayal, it is a sensible and economically strategic move for Trump and the US economy.

Germany alone is an economic powerhouse, the wealthiest country on the European continent and with a GDP that is far greater than Britain’s. Combine Germany’s financial clout with other countries in the European Union and you have a situation where Trump will be desperate to sign trade deals with them before China or Japan snaps up the business opportunity. Japan has already signed trade deals with the EU and they haven’t even shown much interest in Britain. Japan is one of the world’s leading economic powerhouses.

It therefore makes sense for Trump and the US to sign trade deals with the EU as a top priority as they have just indicated and then they will sign a trade deal with Britain “as soon as possible”, to quote Paul Ryan, a top US Republican Politician who will be involved in these trade talks.

Former US President Barack Obama warned that the US interests would be doing business with a big trade bloc which is the European Union as the first priority but no one believed him. Now Trump has just pushed Britain to the back of the queue.

Watch video below by Euronews