Trump Will Ride Through London In A Golden Chariot Like An Emperor And This Is What It Will Cost The UK Tax Payers: Millions !!!!

Like a Roman Emperor, President Donald Trump will ride through London in a golden chariot after turning down the UK Government’s suggestion that he ride in his Presidential Limousine for extra protection as his limousine is built to withstand all types of attacks from rocket propelled grenades to bombs.

Donald Trump is very strategic although many people do under estimate him. His decision to turn down the Presidential limousine and to ride in the Queen’s golden chariot is more than meets the eye.

Trump knows too well that if Chinese President Xi Jinping rode through London in ┬áthe Queen’s horse drawn carriage and had no problems whatsoever, then he too will not have any problems.

Trump also knows very well the previous objections among many of his adversaries that the UK deny him a State visit to the UK. He knows very well that riding with the Queen in the horse drawn golden carriage is especially symbolic and he will not miss that chance. He knows that the ride with the Queen in the horse drawn carriage means an endorsement by the Queen, means full honours and means full approval.

If he does not ride in the Queen’s carriage then his adversaries could taunt him on that and even claim he was denied a full state visit and full honours and wasn’t approved by the Queen.

If Trump had chosen to ride in the limousine, then it would be much easier on the police forces as he will already be heavily protected in the limousine. The carriage is vulnerable to terrorist attacks and that was the major concern of the UK government.

Security wise, he’s got the Secret Service to protect him and the London Metropolitan Police. Security in London will be as tight as can be with hundreds if not thousands of Police and snipers deployed. Policing and providing security during Donald Trump’s event will be a very expensive venture and the UK tax payers will have to pay. The bill to the UK tax payer for this visit will be somewhere between 7 to 15 million pounds but defence experts say the bill could rise to 20 million pounds.