Bill O’Reilly Branded A “Sex Pest”, Ejected From Fox News But Trump Supports Him, Calls Him “A Good Man” !!!

Fox News veteran Bill O’Reilly has been branded a sex pest and fired from Fox News, where he was reportedly untouchable and where he used his position to sexually harass a number of women.

President Donald Trump has supported Bill O’Reilly through out but even with the President’s support, Bill O’Reilly was still fired.

President Trump defended O’Reilly, insinuating that all the sexual harassment allegations against the Fox News star are false. He said, “I don’t think Bill did anything wrong” and then added “He’s a person I know well, he’s a good person.”

New women are finally coming up after knowing that he is now no longer above the law.

In an interview with The New York Times, Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene claims that O’Reilly once made a comment about breaking her back while attorney Lisa Bloom announced that she is now representing Caroline Heldman.

Bloom said in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon that Heldman claims she was subjected to ‘sex discrimination and retaliation’ and reported those allegations to the Fox news hotline.

Bill O’Reilly will now most likely face legal battles against the women who are accusing him of sexual harassment and also, legal experts say he could sue Fox News for terminating his contract without warning.


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