Would Mike Pence Make A Better President If Trump Was Impeached ? Yes Or No?


U.S. Vice President Mike Pence (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)

The talk of Impeachment has been going on for quite a while now but America should be prepared just in case it happens. The Vice President Mike Pence would assume the Presidency if Trump got impeached and this is where Political analysts have to come in and explain the situation.

Vice President Trump’s star has been shining for a while now and his recent trip to Asia was received warmly. He represented the US quite well in Japan and in South Korea.

Some Republicans now say they think Mike Pence would make a better President than Trump. They claim that Mike Pence is more calm, composed and is not prone to out bursts. He doesn’t engage in aggressive comfrontations on Twitter and basically commands more respect than Trump.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders however have said that “Trump and Pence are birds of the same feathers” and that if Trump was impeached and Pence took the Presidency, he would continue with Trump’s policies and style of governance.

Now we ask you the readers to tell us your opinions. Do you think Pence would make a better President? Yes or No?