Is The Senate Investigation Into Trump-Russia Connection Being Distracted By Syria Attacks, M.O.A.B Bomb And North Korea? Yes Or No?

The past week has seen many events happen and overwhelm the global community. Donald Trump attacked and bombed two countries in a space of one week and was at the brink of starting a full scale nuclear war with North Korea.

Geo Politics experts say that by attacking Syria and dropping the biggest and most powerful conventional bomb ever on Afghan territory, he was also sending a message to North Korea.

Clearly, North Korea is unfazed. Instead, they have claimed that the act of Trump aggressively attacking and bombing sovereign nations on baseless grounds has made them determined more than ever to aggressively build up their nuclear arsenal for self defence.

North Korea have said they are ready for full scale war with the United States and they will not back down from Trump’s aggressive approach.

Meanwhile, the Senate Investigation into the role of Russian hackers in the 2016 US Presidential elections is slowly fading into the background.

What do you think of the latest geopolitical issues? Do you think focus and attention has been shifted from the investigation into Trump- Russia situation to Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea??

Yes or No?

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