Boris Johnson Is A Bumbling Clown On The International Stage, Says Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has branded UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson as a “clueless clown on the International stage” , piling further humiliation on Boris Johnson who has kept a low profile since his disastrous cancellation of the meeting he had to attend in Russia.

Katie Hopkins, a Daily Mail Columnist and an elite TV personality in Britain said she stands by her words about Boris and she thinks he has done an awful job as a statesman and she stands by her labelling him as a “clown.”

She blasted his G7 suggestion to put pressure on Russia and called it a total failure.

She says the reason Boris Johnson cancelled his trip to Russia is because he was going to do an awful job and says it’s good Rex Tillerson instead went to Russia as he (Rex) made a better presentation than Boris Johnson.

Katie Hopkins remains unapologetic for calling our Foreign Secretary a clown but there have been calls from Boris Johnson’s supporters asking Katie Hopkins to retract her statement and duly apologise to Boris.

What do you think of Katie Hopkins’ comments?

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