Lethal Weapons: North Korea Displays The “Mother Of All Missiles” As They Tell Trump Enough Is Enough!!!!

Pyongyang: North Korea has sent a final warning to US President Trump telling him that he has “pushed the envelope too far ” and they have had enough provocation and will be ready to engage in full scale nuclear war.

A spokesman for the North Korean People’s Army read the statement saying, ” We have watched as the US aggressively bombs sovereign nations, Syria, then Afghanistan in a space of just a few days and this makes us even more determined to push the case for our nuclear programme- Self defence. We shall not just sit by as the US attacks our sovereignity and our way of life. We shall defend our nation and our people and if it means nuclear war, then so be it because that seems to be the only language that Trump understands.”

North Korea meanwhile displayed its nuclear powered missile that is known informally as the Frankenmissile but of which few people know its specifications and capabilities as its development has been tightly kept away and protected. Defence analysts however say that this missile seems to be the most advanced Intercontinental Ballistic Missile that can reach any place on earth and can attack any city on mainland USA.

North Korea has also launched nuclear powered submarines that can launch Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles and this has intensified the nuclear arms race of which North Korea is in a race with the US and Russia.

“The United States does not have a monopoly on nuclear weapons. We must all be able to defend ourselves.” said a statement from the North Korean People’s Army.


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