Trump Has Demanded To Be Transported In The Queen’s Golden Carriage When He Visits The UK. Do You Support Him? Yes Or No?

Trump has made it clear that he wants to ditch his Presidential limousine and will travel in the Queen’s golden carriage on his trip to the UK.

According to The Times the White House has made it clear that the President expects the traditional state welcome of a carriage procession down the Mall alongside Her Majesty.

Security experts were trying to dissuade Trump by pointing out that travelling in the horse drawn carriage down the mall, which is the traditional full state protocol would pose a security nightmare as the golden carriage has no protection against say a rocket propelled grenade while pointing out that his limousine the Cadillac One is fully protected against all forms of attacks but he is having none of those suggestions.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping travelled in the horse drawn carriage on his state visit to the UK in 2015.

Former US President Barack Obama chose to travel in his Presidential limousine during his state visit to the UK.

Question: Do you support Trump on this matter? Should he travel in the horse drawn carriage or should he travel by limousine as his hosts are suggesting?



  1. No! But however he is driven down the Mall to Buck House, I hope the streets are lined with people who stand in silence with their backs turned. Donald Trump needs to learn the people of Britain do not approve and are not amused!

  2. The Queen can do anything and naturally they should allow her and who knows maybe she wants to see for herself in person, how ridiculous Trump really is because in her 91 years on Earth she has most likely seen almost everything, but never, never-ever, ever-never-ever should he be allowed to ride in her Golden Carriage.

  3. No, but however he is transported I hope people stay away and let him ride through empty streets. No cheering. waving crowds. Just silence and empty streets. Or people turn up but as he drives by they turn their backs in complete silence

    • The carriage is considered to be more dangerous and less secure than the limo.
      Let him ride in the damned carriage…
      with the top DOWN!

  4. The government and its monarchy will be making a laughing stock out of the UK on the world stage if they allow this to go ahead. and besides I’m sick of working my fingers to the bone for my hard earned money to go towards brown nosing the worlds despots tyrants and moronic leaders.

  5. No. especially if he is demanding it, how rude to our queen and to us as a nation. Why should we have to pay out so much more just cos of his ego. No No No.

    • He is one of the most deplorably rude creatures I have ever seen. His grandiose view of himself is extraordinarily disturbing. That, combined with his paranoid comments and being out of touch with reality causes me to question his mental health. Paranoid schizophrenia springs to mind immediately. I pray that the Queen decides to rescind her invitation.

  6. No and it is a misuse of British taxpayers money if extra security is required. May had no right to invite him. He is not welcome here. Who does he think he is ? He is nothing but a rich, childish brat with no standards and he disgusts me.

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