Live Poll: Would You Approve If Queen Elizabeth Refused To Meet With Trump? Yes Or No?

President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK is being prepared in full gear. Trump has made his instructions how he wants his trip to be organised.

President Donald Trump will be given a full state visit and he has demanded to be transported through London in the Queen’s golden carriage.

Trump’s visit will cost a fortune too as experts say the bill for providing Police and security will be to the tune of 8 million pounds although defence experts say the bill will be as high as 20 million pounds sterling.

Massive demonstrations are expected in the city of London during Trump’s visit and this will add to the need for more Police and security personnel in the city.

Many anti- Trump protestors are however asking that the Queen finds an excuse not to meet with Trump and Theresa May can entertain Trump.

Do you approve that the Queen should not meet with Trump? Yes Or No?

Say Yes if you don’t want the Queen to meet with Trump and No if you want the Queen to meet with Trump.

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  1. Your beautiful queen should meet him and when he tries to break her arm when he shakes ber hand or tries to grap at her she could just throw his ass in a special cell in the Tower of London forever ( yes I know the Tower of London is no longer a prison but this would allow tourist to come and spit on his face). America would be forever in your debt.

  2. INSANE CHEETO should never be allowed anywhere near the queen. He’s beneath her in every way.



    • I’m from the US, and would not be able to blame the Queen for not meeting with our brutish, thugged out president. He’s not respectful, and there’s no telling what insult or injury she might have to endure in his presence. Given her age as well as position, it’s her discretion.

      • Regrettably, she doesn’t really have a choice. As a constitutional monarch she has to go with the political flow. I reckon that’s why Prince Philip retired. :-). If I were a younger woman royal, I’d really like to be elsewhere if he comes over.

  3. Yes, I support the Queen finding any excuse to avoid meeting our Narcissist in Chief. In fact, the more preposterous an excuse she can muster, the better to relegate him to his proper place in history. I strongly request she not reinforce his overblown ego by fulfilling his extravagant demands and, if there is any way to avoid it, that she not waste a penny of U.K. citizens’ hard earned tax money on such a black hole of a human being.

  4. Don’t even let him in the country. I don’t want my taxes to pay a penny towards anything to do with this disposable man.

  5. Yes. I would find the Queen meeting with Trump very distasteful, and a huge waste of public money that should be spent on OUR people, not on security or entertaining for Trump. The Queen should not be put in the position of having to meet with him.

  6. Yes. He does not represent the good, decent people of America and has no business meeting with great leaders of the world. He deserves to be ignored

    • His trip should be cancelled by the UK. He’s just a whiny baby & an embarrassment. The nerve of this moron to insist on the queen’s gold coach! They should put him in a wheelbarrow!

    • I, as an embarrassed American, wholeheartedly concur! Tell Drumpf his kind isn’t welcome! (He’s not welcome here in America as far as I’m concerned.) I call him the Orange Shitgibbon.

  7. Gracious guests would never dictate to the host(ess). If the invitation cannot be withdrawn, President Trumppee should be offered a position at the end of the parade, with all of the other clowns (not meant to demean clowns), and in a vehicle befitting his stature, say a small tricycle or wagon painted with cheap gold paint.
    With our gratitude, AMERICA!

  8. Please do mot give this man your carriage or any of you time. The Queen is too dignified to lower herself to meet with him.

  9. England considered banning him from the country at one time. I doubt their attitude toward him has changed much other than to get worse. The Queen has every right to refuse him an audience and he definitely has NO RIGHT to demand the royal carriage or any other amenities. He is so uncouth it’s almost a given that he will some manage to insult Her Highness.

  10. Yes, I, an American citizen, would say she has every right to deny Trump an audience with Her Majesty, and at the very least his disrespectful requests. He’s nothing more than a petulant child in a suit wanting everyone to serve him. What do you do with spoiled brats? Tell them “no.”

  11. She should absolutely refuse to meet Trump. How dare he demand the royal carriage! While I realize the Queen is probably the epitome of manners, this American says don’t waste your time.

    • Please do not allow that horrible person in your country. He is the worst president ever. I don’t think he has a descent bone in his body. Because I honor you I will not tell you what I really feel about trump. He is pure evil . KEEP HIM OUT of your great country ?????????????????????? trump is trash!!!!!!!!!

  12. No, no, resoundingly NO! An American here…Please do not embarrass our country allowing this despot within arm’s length of this carriage. They very thought of him causes my BP to rise!!!

    • Oops for the poll….For the Poll: Yes your Majesty. Please do not let him ride. The social conscious people of our country beg for your help. He is walking the same path as Hitler, his riding would give his brownshirts a huge moral boost. They like to shoot people who disagree with them.

    • This poll is not well done as you never want to poll with a question posed in the negative because that turns “yes” & “no” upside down and many responders are CONFUSED! Read the comments under people who voted yes & some who voted no. This is why polls don’t matter (usually)!

  13. In no way under the Sun should she meet with this usurper, and especially she should not share a carriage ride with him, as he is hated enough to invite an armed attack by his mere presence, and she would be exposing herself to great danger in his company.

  14. Yes, I agree that the Queen should NOT entertain Mr Trump and that he has NOT earned the right of a state visit.

  15. I am an American. I don’t think that the Queen should stoop that low to meet with this American TRAITOR, for he is a TRAITOR. I love the Queen and often times wish I lived in England because of retarded people taking advantage and buying their government positions like tRump did and committing treason by paying Putin to help and I am sure he did. At least the Queen cannot be bought.

    • It’s a shame that you chose to use “the R word” as a negative demeaning adjective to describe a group of people whom you dislike, and believe to be “taking advantage and buying their government positions.” I believe that people who chose to use that word, should be made to replace it with their own name and have it read back to them as many times as it takes until they realize just how damaging, demeaning, and disrespectful it is to use it in place of a “negative term”. Those type of people, to me are just plain “Jeanned”.

  16. YES. Don’t acknowledge him. Hopefully, he will be impeached before he
    can do too much more damage or start WWIII

  17. As a citizen of the USA and one who respects this great country of ours I ask that you do NOT meet with him. You are a great lady and he is so beneath you.

  18. Yes. Her Majesty should simply reply, I’m having tea and cannot be bothered by That American Jack-Ass. Donny is a very poor excuse of a president. I had a dream he was shot in the head as he was waving from a horse drawn carriage.
    My dreams never come true.
    Kealakekua Hawaii

  19. Yes, she should refuse to meet with him, let alone give in to the demands he is making
    (riding in the carriage, etc.). He doesn’t get to choose the terms of his visit nor whether or not he gets to be received by the Queen at all.

    England is under no obligation to meet with a US President who is as intensely despised as Trump is. She would be applauded for snubbing him by UK and US citizens alike. Remember, only 1/4 of the US population voted for him. Slightly more voted for Hillary. Only half of US registered voters exercised their right to vote. The US is paying for the complacency of our fellow voters.

    Meeting with Trump normalizes his behavior and validates him as a person and as a US President. He does not deserve this.

    I implore the Queen and the UK government to not meet with Trump. Send a message to the rest of the world you do not condone Trump or his antics. He does not deserve the same respect as his predecessors. If it can’t be avoided for some reason, make the visit short and without the pomp he craves. Make his visit equivalent to the treatment a tourist gets.

  20. YES! She is way above him and he has nothing to offer at all. He is a waste of her time and oxygen. And he has the gall to say he is riding in her carriage!

  21. I would be delighted if she refused to meet with him, but knowing her etiquette she probably will. But please, for god’s sake don’t allow him the carriage!!!

  22. Queen Elizabeth is the Queen of the commonwealth. Trump is a charade looking to add another notch on his belt to be able to use our Queen to try and justify his importance. He has no right, he is no where entitled to ride with ROYALTY. Tell him NO through your secretary.

  23. No reason for her to meet with a rude, boorish pretender to authority. He is a despicable and disgusting excuse for a man and in no way worthy of respect. If he were to ride inthe royal coach, they would likely have to burn it afterward.

  24. To the Brits I AM AN AMERICAN, I WILL NOT feel slighted OR angered, if the British make that orange piss stained shitgibbon PERSONA NON GRATA. Please feel free to tell the American Politician to go TO HELL, do not appease this current group of useless bastards.

    • I am also an American and I too will not feel slighted if the refuse him entrance. For me, that will show that Britain is a true ally of Democracy.

  25. Yes, she should ignore him; the legitimacy of his election is still in question, the Queen need not meet with a con artist, faker, habitual liar and misogynist; and he most certainly is the most rude and crass to DEMAND a ride in the Queens Royal carriage. One does not DEMAND anything of the Queen of England.

  26. Yes, she should decline to meet him. But, it is up to her and she has so much class that she probably will meet with him. If she does, I hope the tRump shows her more class than he did the woman from Germany

  27. Yes she should deny audience. He needs to be taught a lesson that he has no respect in ANY country and no authority to make demands. His egotistical reign needs to be squelched and his demands denied. I’m not opposed to them refusing to allow him into the U.K.

  28. Yes, She should refuse to meet with him. He can meet with the British politicians because they have too, albiet reluctantly. But the Queen is under no suck obligation and a good slap in the face like that is well deserved by the corrupter in chief.

  29. Yes. The Queen should refuse to meet him, much less allow him to ride in her golden carriage. Also, it could be much too dangerous for her. Too many people want to get rid of Trump.

  30. Yes ! I would definitely approve if Queen Elizabeth refused to meet Trump but obviously that would be up to her to decide if she want’s to meet him, since he has pretended to be the president in the White House when he’s not playing golf he’s become a global hazard in a number of ways and I don’t know what he thinks he is that gives him the right to make any demands of any kind in London or anywhere in the UK let alone to the Queen or the people that organize these things !

  31. Who cares what the Nazi’s do to each other. They should both be given sharp knives and locked in a sound proof room.

    • By virtue of his pompous ask for a ride in the Royal Carrage, the President of the US should not have a meeting with the Queen. Let him meet with his counter part, the Prime Minister and let it go at that.

  32. Yes. He would be a guest head-of-state. As a guest, he should not be dictating his needs, unless it has to do with his diet.

  33. YES! To meet with him would be tantamount to condoning his deeds and words …. both of which to date leave a lot to be desired! I expect better of Her Maj, and hope the powers that be do not put undue pressure on her, or if they do, she has the will and stamina to resist, and the support of her family and friends to abide by her decision.

  34. I think he should shut up and stay home. The Queen would be perfectly within her rights to not see this orange buffoon.

  35. YES! Make Theresa deal with him or better yet, stick him with Boris. Trump is too uncouth to be presented to the Queen. Don’t embarrass our country by kowtowing to that cretin. If royalty MUST meet with him, Charles could handle him. They can discuss climate change. I’m sure the Queen could have a conflicting engagement, maybe visiting Syrian refugee children.

  36. I do not think the Great Orange Toad should be allowed on British soil. I don’t much care who the queen meets or not but I think the approbrium should be reserved for the ghastly Theresa May who could not wait to insert her nose up the Great Orange ringpiece

  37. Yes, I don’t even want him anywhere near my country . I think the USA needs to get their shit together pretty quick and ditch him , before they can’t!!!!!!

  38. Do not allow him to deplane! Send him back; God save us. He does NOT represent the United States of America.

  39. She should not meet with him. If she were to see him, the meeting would give legitimacy to his racism, misogyny, militarism, etc., etc. The European leaders of the time should have never met with Hitler. Let’s not see the same mistake made with Trump. Isolate, humiliate, show no respect for his authority.

  40. I think the Queen should refuse to meet him. Why should thus buffoon of a man meet with her let alone have the privilege of a golden coach. He has done nothing for the world. Much like May, Cameron, Farage et al he has only reduced the quality of our lives and increased the likelihood of war and conflict.

  41. I’m an American. He does not represent America and should not be offered any of the respect due to visiting dignitaries. He is not one. The man-boy deserves no respect.
    She should not meet with him. Unless, she wants to smack some sense into his ignorant, arrogant, egotistical, and self-centered head.
    If he does visit the UK, you guys can keep him. I’m sure there’s some street, somewhere that needs sweeping. He likes to golf, maybe you could let him mow a golf course, Forrest Gump-style.

  42. YES. Why on earth is this creature being allowed in the country, and why are WE paying for it? If the Mexicans have to pay for his ‘Wall of Hate’, the Americans should pay for his visit.

    • Hey now… You should say the Republican Americans because this democratic American here wants him out of the White House… I was thinking send him and his evil family and cabinet members to meet the King of Jupiter with no rocket fuel to get back with ^.^

  43. Please do not give this buffoon any serious considerations…He’s a National Embarrassment! He DOES NOT represent anything good about America and letting him visit, much less giving him a gilden carriage will only allow him to embrace the Queen, as well.

  44. The Queen should not meet with this unwanted guest. Theresa May invited him. The Queen is head of the country and shouldn’t be dictated to by this arrogant and incapable woman who seems to thrive on punishing the average British taxpayer who will be responsible for funding this ridiculous state visit. Trump is a corrupt and vile excuse for a human being.

  45. If she agrees to meets with this American embarrassment and ride in the Royal carriage HE will take it upon himself to invite Malania, Barron, Ivanka, Jared, their two kids, Trump Jr and his wife Vanessa, Eric and his wife Lara and oh yeah Tiffany and her boyfriend Ross then expect the Queen to follow behind… Don’t feed his ego, as an American I will support you if you decided to not meet with him…

    • I feel Queen Elizabeth should not meet with Trump or his family.
      First why is he planning on taking his initire family? This state visit should only be Trump and his wife.
      The American people do not like Trump so why should he take all his family members.. It is ridiculous to send so many people and expect the British government to pay for this. And why should Trump be given a royal ride in the Queen’s private golden carriage.
      My answer is yes he should not be given a royal visit. He can meet the Queen with his wife and that is all who should be accompanying trump.

  46. Her Majesty will meet and greet whoever Her Government ‘requires’ her to meet, and she is much too classy to decline. However, such a visit should be a low-key as possible, restrict it to Windsor, no carriage processions through Central London – a Royal Rolls-Royce is more than good enough.
    And if she does meet him, DO NOT blame her – although the invitation is given in Her name, it is the Government that makes the decisions. By all means pillory Theresa May for putting Her Majesty in this awkward horrible position! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

  47. Yes, I would support, and in fact, respectfully implore Her Majesty to not meet with our national embarrassment. Allowing him to ride in the golden carriage would only feed his insufferable, bloated ego, and I can only imagine what kind of boorish, ignorant behavior she would be subjected to.
    Please do not feed America’s biggest and most obnoxious troll.

  48. Yes, I’d approve. I don’t care who he is. He isn’t above the Queen that he can demand anything. The man’s a total ass.

  49. YES, I approve of the Queen NOT meeting with that slug. He is vile, arrogant, dishonest & a conniving scumbag. Queen Elizabeth should not stoop so low as to meet with that thing and he most certainly should not be allowed to ride in her carriage.

  50. YES, please do not meet with our poor excuse of a President. Don’t allow him to forever taint you or your royal procession.

  51. Your Majesty: Please REFUSE to meet with this wealthy buffoon Trump. He was elected due to a failure of the mechanics of Americas’ very flawed election process. He absolutely does not represent the most of us; he only represents the WORST of US.

  52. I would support the Queen not meeting with Trump! He does not represent the values of the majority of Americans! He is an embarrassment to our country! I surely hope she doesn’t agree to take him for a spin in her carriage!

  53. I would not meet with Trump. He is an embarrassment to the human species. As a U.S. citizen who loves the U.K., I would love if the Queen politely explained that she was much too busy to meet with Trump in this lifetime.

  54. The Queen has more dignity that he will ever have . She should not meet with him. I’m an American and am embarrassed by him. He’s a pig, selfish and disgusting. He’s going to ruin us.

  55. I don’t want my money spent on receiving Donald Trump. Don’t give him any security if he wants to ride in the Golden Carriage. Just make sure the Carriage is intact as it belongs to our heritage

  56. I approve he doesn’t have enough respect or class to be graced by her highness. So I feel her should be denied the privilege.

  57. Yes, I would approve of her not meeting him. I also hope that if she does meet him, she tells him he is not riding in the golden carridge, that’s for royalty not trash like him.

  58. Yes, I would approve of the Queen and any other member of the Royal Family refusing to meet with Trump. Unless, of course, she were to set aside royal etiquette and dress him down in the manner only Her Majesty could. Perhaps she could penetrate his tiny pea brain and save the world from nuclear winter. God Save the Queen.

  59. I would approve of our queen turning down Trump. Why should she afford him such an honour? He has done nothing to merit such a meeting, he want to put America first and on its own so why should we jump around with glee at a visit from him. He is just an ignorant, ill informed, egotistical little boy.

  60. Yes I would approve if she didn’t want to me with Donald Trump. She is in a class way above him and his henchman. I don’t think anyone should demand to meet in a certain way. He is not dignified to ride in a little red wagon let alone the qweens carrage. Tell him to stay home.


  62. Yes. Dear Queen Elizabeth, do not legitimize the madman who is a traitor to his own nation. Do you really want to be recorded in the annals of history, do you really want your legacy to be meeting with a horrible man despised by 2/3 of his own nation and rejected by your subjects. Go down in history was a role model who rejects the likes of him.

    • Queen Elizabeth,
      Please Do Not Feel like you should Have to put up With Trump! He is a Discrase to America! We are trying to get Rid of “The make President asap”
      I suggest you ask President Obama,He isa Real People’s President and promised Americans he would have Our Back.
      I love your Family!
      Please Don’t Ever Feel You Have To Invite an American(fake President) even Americans can’t stand!

  63. I already admire and respect the Queen. Not meeting with our Dictator would be like her father not meeting with Hitler.

  64. Yes I’d approve. Her refusing to meet with him would make many Americans very happy. His ego is out of control.

  65. The Queen should revoke the invitation for Trump to visit her country for a number of reasons including his racist, sexist, xenophobic, and misogynist comments, as well as his sexual predation. The Queen is class: Trump is gross.

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