Live Poll: Would You Approve If Queen Elizabeth Refused To Meet With Trump? Yes Or No?

President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK is being prepared in full gear. Trump has made his instructions how he wants his trip to be organised.

President Donald Trump will be given a full state visit and he has demanded to be transported through London in the Queen’s golden carriage.

Trump’s visit will cost a fortune too as experts say the bill for providing Police and security will be to the tune of 8 million pounds although defence experts say the bill will be as high as 20 million pounds sterling.

Massive demonstrations are expected in the city of London during Trump’s visit and this will add to the need for more Police and security personnel in the city.

Many anti- Trump protestors are however asking that the Queen finds an excuse not to meet with Trump and Theresa May can entertain Trump.

Do you approve that the Queen should not meet with Trump? Yes Or No?

Say Yes if you don’t want the Queen to meet with Trump and No if you want the Queen to meet with Trump.

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