Theresa May Must Soften Stance On Brexit, Says Nick Clegg. Do You Agree? Yes Or No?

Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said that Prime Minister Theresa May must soften her stance on Brexit and her approach to the European Union if she wants to salvage something in the talks and negotiations.

He pointed out that Theresa May should concede that the UK even after Brexit will abide by the laws of the European Court of Justice as these laws “affect the norm of the single market.”

Hardline Brexiteers however want the UK to pull out of all EU institutions the European Courts included.

Writing in the Financial Times, Nick Clegg mentioned that it’s possible the hardline Brexiteers don’t know how radical their stance on Europe is.

Theresa May pushed for a very hard Brexit and has been known in some circles as “the tough lady of Britain” and it is unknown if she will soften her stance.

Poll:  Do you think Theresa May should soften her stance on Europe? Yes Or No?

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