Deadly Games: North Korea Has Told Trump To Back Off Or Face Nuclear War. Should Trump Leave North Korea Alone? Yes Or No?

Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles on Display in North Korea

US President Trump has continued to slowly hammer his point and now directly threaten attacking North Korea but North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has now told Trump to back off or face deadly consequences. He has made it clear that North Korea is ready for a full scale nuclear war with the US and that they have enough military hardware to engage.

North Korea nuclear powered missiles on parade

North Korea is now a world nuclear power and so is the United States and when two nuclear powers play with nuclear weapons, the consequences will be catastrophic.

Trump first sought the help of China to reign in North Korea but it seems China is not interested in war so now Trump says America alone will engage with North Korea. North Korea has told Trump to bring it on they are fully ready.

North Korea’s Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles can hit any target, any city in the world and Kim Jong Un has in the past said he is ready to rain nuclear powered missiles to the US mainland.


Nuclear powered missile on display in North Korea

Trump has already attacked Syria and Afghanistan in one week but military experts suggest that North Korea is a whole different dilemma. Diplomacy would be better suited than two super powers playing with nuclear weapons.

What do you think? Should Trump back off and let things cool off? Or do you support Trump to attack? Will this not be a total disaster for both countries?

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