The British Government Is Slowly Realising Brexit Is An Act Of Great Self Harm, Says Top Brexit Negotiaitor

One of the top Brexit negotiators has revealed that the British Government is slowly realising and coming to terms with the fact that Brexit was a big mistake and one that will cause great harm to Britain and that the upcoming negotiations with the EU will be mainly to limit or reduce the damage that is expected.

“The British Government is slowly realising that Brexit is an act of great self harm and the upcoming EU-UK negotiations must seek to limit the damage,” said John Callinan, Ireland’s top Brexit official who is in touch with London to relay Dublin’s concerns.

The remarks were delivered at a Brexit seminar organised by trade unions Impact and simptu.

Mr John Callinan also mentioned the existence of divisions just weeks from the start of formal withdrawal negotiations and said it was clear there was “no single, settled positionon Brexit in London.”

There hasn’t yet been an official statement on his statements but it is expected there will be a hostile response, probably a rebuke from the pro Brexit Conservative government.

Brexit has been marked by bitter divisions, insults and even threats of violence.

A London newspaper threatened Scottish National Party’s Nicola Sturgeon with violence in a post that was quickly deleted after angry readers said such a post was unacceptable in mass media.


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  1. You mean EU Brexit negotiator gives his opinion. This is as newsworthy as everytime an EU politician says something about not having our cake and eating it or a pro-Leaver saying that they need us more than we need them. Reported as fact when it is nothing more than opinion.

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