Former Afghan President Karzai Strongly Condemns United States M.O.A.B Bombing Of Afghanistan

Former Afghan President Hamid Kazai condemned in the strongest terms the dropping of America’s latest and largest bomb on Afghanistan, calling upon the Afghan people to speak out against their country being turned into a testing ground for America’s weapons.

Karzai, who ruled Afghanistan through one of its darkest days and through civil strife when the country was torn apart by the Taliban and AlQaeda and who worked closely with George W. Bush and Barack Obama to bring relative stability to Afghanistan said the use of the “Mother Of All Bombs” on Afghanistan territory was unacceptable and to be condemned by all.

The “Mother Of All Bombs” is the second most powerful and destructive bomb ever dropped on a battlefield. The first and most powerful was the nuclear powered bomb dropped on Hiroshima in Japan in the twilight of the Second World war.

The Mother Of All Bombs reportedly killed 36 rebel fighters in Afghanistan near the Tora Bora Mountains, the Pentagon said. The bomb cost more than US $300 million dollars and weighed over 20,000 pounds. Not much details is given about the bomb but some weapons experts say it is capable of wiping out a city within a mile radius or more.

Writing on Twitter @KarzaiH , the former Afghan President said the MOAB bombing “wasn’t a war on terror but an inhuman and most brutal misuse of our country as a testing ground for new and dangerous weapons.”

Else where, the media seemed excited about the bomb as the top story from all the mainstream and high profile media establishments was the specifications and capabilities of the  “Mother Of All Bombs.”