CNN’s Political Expert Says “Vagina Grabbing President Trump” Is Modern Day Martin Luther King

CNN political commentator Jeffrey Lord has caused uproar after a discussion on America’s Health Care where he showered praises on Trump but then went overboard and said that Trump was the “modern day Martin Luther King.”

Appearing on Alisyn Camerota’s New Day program, Mr Lord who is one of CNN’s top political experts fiercely defended Trump and left fellow commentators in total shock.

“I want to say something here that I know will probably drive Symone crazy, but think of President Trump as the Martin Luther King of health care,” Lord said.

“When I was a kid, President Kennedy did not want to introduce the civil rights bill because he said it wasn’t popular, he didn’t have the votes for it,” he added.

“Dr. King kept putting people in the streets in harm’s way to put the pressure on so that the bill would be introduced. That’s what finally worked.”

But political commentator Symone Sanders was having none of it — with her reaction online being described as “priceless”.

“Jeffrey, you do understand that Dr. King was marching for civil rights because people that looked like me were being beaten,” she said.

“Dogs were being set on them. Basic human rights were being withheld from these people merely because the colour of their skin.”

“So let’s not equate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize winner, to the vagina-grabbing President Donald Trump,” she concluded.