Arms Race: Russia Has Released Details Of Their Smart Bomb That Will Put America’s “Mother Of All Bombs” To Shame. Total Shame!


The US just dropped a 21,600-pound conventional bomb called the Massive Ordinance Air Blast AKA the “Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB) in Afghanistan, but Russia has a bigger one.

The “Father of All Bombs,” (FOAB) is four times bigger, four times more powerful than the MOAB. It’s a thermobaric bomb with a destruction radius of nearly 1,000 feet and a blast yield of nearly 44 tons of TNT.

Thermobaric weapons differ from conventional bombs in that they combine with atmospheric oxygen to greatly extend the blast radius.

Developed in 2007, the FOAB explodes in midair, igniting a fuel-air mixture. It vaporizing targets and collapses structures, producing blasts and aftershocks as powerful as a small nuclear blast but without the same radioactive fallout.

Editor’s note: The mother of all bombs was originally developed to be used in Iraq in 2003 but was never used. The bomb has managed to kill 36 terrorists in Afghanistan. President Trump said dropping the M.O.A.B bomb in Afghanistan was a big success.


Report and Image by MSN