The G7 Have Rejected Boris Johnson’s Proposal. He’s Had A Pretty Rough Week And Westminster Insiders Say He Could Make A Special Announcement On Friday

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has had quite a rough week, and the week is not even over yet. It all began when he cancelled his trip to Russia via Twitter. The Russians snubbed him as a buffoon and a “poodle of Washington” who had chickened out of meeting with the tough hardline Russians.

As if that isn’t enough, the media back home turned on him instead of supporting him. Even the right wing press that has always supported him turned on him and said he should have gone ahead with the trip to Russia.

His excuse was that he had decided to cancel the trip and focus on the G7 meeting where he will direct the G7 members to put sanctions on Russia. He then went to the G7 meeting and guess what? His proposal of sanctions against Russia has been rejected outright.

The G7 group will not press sanctions on Russia unless the US and UK can provide concrete evidence that Assad was behind the chemical attacks. The G7 are very reluctanct to be sold onto another lie like what happened in 2003 when the whole world was duped into Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” which were non existent.

Iraq was attacked, Saddam overthrown then later executed, and now the country has deteriorated into lawlessness and war ever since and has been largely forgotten.

Pundits claim that the chemical attacks in Syria could have been doctored or adminstered by elements who want to get an excuse to see Syria attacked and Assad removed.

Boris Johnson therefore left the G7 meeting “empty handed”, disappointed and further humiliated and now Westminster insiders say that Boris Johnson could make a very special announcement on Friday that could surprise everyone.

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