The Final Push: UKIP And Right Wing Politicians Aggressively Lobbying The Queen To Honour Nigel Farage With A Knighthood

Mister Brexit could be a SIR Nigel Farage by this time next year if the plans being pushed through and presented to the Queen come to fruition. In what will likely be a shock to many Britons, UKIP members have been planning a strategy to get Nigel Farage given prsetigious honours for what they called his immense sacrifice and years of hard work which led him to deliver Brexit to the British people.

The UK Independence Party is therefore lobbying the Queen to honour Nigel Farage with a knighthood for what they called his service to the country. If Nigel Farage is knighted, he will be addressed as Sir Nigel Farage.

Mr Bill Etheridge, a UKIP Member of European Parliament has written a “convincing” letter to the Queen asking her to consider honouring Nigel Faragefor commiting a quarter of a century to going “above and beyond” in getting the UK out of the European Union.

“I believe Mr Farage has long deserved to be rewarded for devoting years of his life to winning Independence from the EU,” Mr Etheridge will say.

Mr Etheridge said he was asking the Queen to honour Nigel Farage on behalf of the British people regardless of whether they voted leave or remain. The UK Independence Party has comfirmed these developments to the Daily Express, a London newspaper that is extremely supportive of UKIP and played a key role in the pro Brexit movement.

“Millions of people in the UK will be grateful for the honours bestowed upon Nigel Farage,” Mr Etheridge concluded in the letter.