San Bernadino School Shooting: Two Dead, Scores Hurt. Trump Still In Denial Over America’s Gun Violence

A shooting at an elementary school in San Bernadino has left a teacher and the gunman dead, and scores hurt. This is just one of many such incidents but it brings into focus President Donald Trump’s view on weapons, their use and regulation.

He doesn’t believe America has a gun problem nor does he believe strict control of the access to guns and ammunition would reduce the level of gun violence in America.

During the 2016 US Presidential campaign when his rival Hillary Clinton said that America had to strictly regulate the sale of weapons to individuals and basically apply gun control measures, Trump opposed her outright. He accused her of trying to take away people’s guns from them .

He said that her security should be disarmed and see what happens. And he went on to make a claim that A if Hillary Clinton became President, she’d take away weapons from people. She’d disarm them. “Maybe the second ammendment people can do something,” he said in a highly inflammatory and charged statement that was interpreted by pundits as insinuating the assasination of Hillary Clinton.

The second ammendment people are those who are fiercely loyal to the second ammendment of the US constitution which gives Americans the right to keep and bear arms.

Donald Trump’s speech on the San Bernadino shootings will be closely watched by political pundits.

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