Brexit Honeymoon Over As UK Right Wing Newspapers Turn On Boris After Supporting Him For Years

UK right wing newspapers that cheered Boris through Brexit have now turned on him, branding him as a “buffoon”, “poodle of washington”, and even one newspaper claiming that the cancellation of his Moscow trip was a “very shoddy job and showed lack of statesmanship.”

Atleast one newspaper, the Telegraph was quite generous to him and said that Boris was not a poodle but the “dog that wags the tail”. Whatever that means!

This is a strange turn of events for Boris Johnson who has over the years enjoyed unconditional support from all right wing newspapers right from when he was MP, through his days as Mayor Of London, and also through his campaign for a hard Brexit. These newspapers pretty much cheered him through out the years.

When his one time opponent Ken Livingston blasted him and told him to act as a Mayor and a Statesman not a clown or comedian, the same newspapers jumped to Mr Johnson’s support and said that Boris Johnson was loved and admired throughout the country because he was very funny and entertaining. And therefore he choose to cultivate the image and character of a buffoon that has actually stuck. Unfortunately.

Now the same newspapers that helped him cultivate the character of a buffoon are blasting him for failing to act as a statesman. On the UK blogosphere, worse names and cartoons are circulating of “Boris the poodle”.

Perhaps Boris could have listened to Ken Livingstone and stopped trying to be so funny and “buffonish” but cultivated the image and character of a Statesman. But he never listened. The newspapers that encouraged him then and promoted him as the next Prime Minister of Britain have all deserted him.

The newspapers that cheered him through out Brexit when he betrayed David Cameron now have turned on him. His fans and admirers have left him.

His antics of trying to be so funny and a buffoon don’t work anymore. He has stumbled from one blunder to the next and it isn’t funny anymore.