Trump Is Getting Overwhelming Support From Senior US Politicians Over Syria Strikes


President Trump has got overwhelming support from senior US politicians after he ordered strikes on Syria after the reported chemical attacks on children. One of his fiercest critic Senator McCain came to his defense after Rand Paul accused the President of striking Syria without approval from Congress.

Sen. John McCain dismissed Rand Paul during a CNN appearance.

Referring to Rand Paul, McCain told Wolf Blitzer, “He doesn’t have any real influence in the United States Senate.”

McCain also said, “I don’t pay any attention to what Senator Paul says.”

This comes as Paul has been a critic of President Trump’s ordered strike on Syria without Congressional approval. Paul called the move “illegal” and “unconstitutional.”

McCain supported the strikes and supports further action in Syria as well, saying that the airstrikes were a “beginning.”

Senator John McCain is a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and has been a critic of the President on many issues but has put their differences aside and come out to fully support the President on the US strikes on Syria.

When Rand Paul attacked Trump over the US strikes on Syria it was Senator John McCain who was the first to defend the President and put apart Rand Paul’s argument as of “no influence in the senate.”

This new development shows that Trump is now starting to win the hearts and minds of his former critics and is now seen as a very capable leader and many of his critics now have much confidence in him.