All Who Voted For Brexit Shot Themselves In The Foot, Says Billionaire Richard Branson

British billionaire and serial entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson has shoved a boot into Brexiteers, saying those who voted for Brexit shot themselves in the foot.

Immediately he was attacked by the pro-Brexit newspapers who have been pushing a pro Brexit agenda and even threatening anyone who dared campaign against Brexit. The newspaper said he was causing fury by saying that Brexiteers shot themselves in the foot.

One London major newspaper at some point called for Physical violence against Scottish National Party’s Nicola Sturgeon for her stance against Brexit. The violent post was deleted after readers complained. (People who have been following Brexit closlely will know which newspaper this is. Or simply use Google)

Brexit has been bitter, hard fought and outright ugly business and so many threats and intimidation tactics were used to silence anyone who voiced an opinion or wanted to argue against Brexit.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair also faced the wrath of the Brexit propaganda machine when he tried to start a debate to pick apart Brexit and provide an alternative voice. He was immediately attacked by the pro Brexit press and senior Government officials.

But Sir Richard Branson has consistently ignored harsh criticism and threats and has from day one preached that Brexit will hurt British businesses . Already, British banks and the financial services are facing an uncertain future and are already being advised to open up European subsidiaries or simply move to Europe.  Frankfurt, Dublin and Berlin have received a surge of interest from banks planning to relocate their operations headquarters.

Airlines too will be hit hard and Sir Richard Branson’s Airline industry may suffer knock on effects though experts say the bulk of his airline business is the Trans Atlantic route with Virgin Atlantic Airlines so he will not suffere as much as the British Airlines operating within the European Continent.

Richard Branson has made a name for himself in business and owns strings of businesses from Airlines, Music Record Labels, Trains, Financial Services, Hotels , among others. He’s also in the process of officially launching a space tourism business, a field in which he will be the pioneer with his own space ships the Virgin Galactic.

He says he will continue to point out the flaws in the whole Brexit saga.