Russian Hackers Have Acquired Devastating “Kompromat File” And Will Release It Unless Trump Backs Off Syria

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A group Russian hackers say they want Trump and the United States to back off Syria in a move that will shock or astonish many Americans but will not be surprising to the cyber industry experts.

In a claim made on Russian popular Social Networking website, a group who call call themselves “Keyboard warriors” and reject being labelled hackers have said they acquired a “Kompromat” file that was widely discussed a few months ago and will be willing to use it to get leverage over Syria. They say they will be able to release it by Tuesday or Wednesday next week depending on how the US can resolve the Syria situation in the next few days.

The post on has since been deleted but not with website traffic increasing and expected to increase in the next two days as many social media users are intent on getting in touch with the hackers.

The Russian hackers do not explain how they acquired the Kompromat file but cyberspace experts say that if this Kompromat file exisits then it’d be in the hands of Russian Security Services especially the KGB. So the hackers can only acquire such a file if they can infiltrate the KGB or if they can do business with a rogue KGB operative.

In the post, the hackers claim that the US has attacked Syria without any solid evidence and that the chemical weapons attacks were statged by Assad’s enemies in order to give lee way for the US forces to attack Syria.

“The US has failed to learn from the mistakes of their invasion of Iraq in 2003 when they went looking for non existent weapons of mass destruction. Hundreds of thousands of lives, if not millions have been lost since including US troops who really had no business being in Iraq. Turns out weapons of mass destruction had been cooked up. It was a made story that claimed so many lives and has destroyed Iraq completely,” the hackers wrote on their page.

Whether these hackers actually have acquired the much rumored “Kompromat file” or if it is just a threat is unclear. But what is clear is that Russian hackers have gained skills to use information and misinformation to make major influences in Political events in any given country.

It is thought that the Russian hackers were influential in tilting the 2016 US Presidential election in favour of President Donald Trump after they had consistently attacked and smeared Hillary Clinton and painted her as a pariah and villain throughout the United States.

The Russian Government has claimed there is no Kompromat file on Trump but may people in the cyber space business say they can not trust such a statement. “It is hard to know if there is or there isn’t a Kompromat file. This is not smething you can bet your shirt on,” said John Ackryod, a computer expert who worked in Russia for a decade and has also worked as an internet banking expert.

NOTE:  While there has been much talk about this so called Kompromat file since January this year when Trump took over as President, our editor believes there is no Kompromat file. He says he knows he may be wrong about it but also his intuition tells him that if there was a kompromat file, it would have been leaked or released a long time ago. So he thinks any mention of the Kompromat file is just empty threats to influence policy.

What do you think dear readers about this kompromat file?