Masturbation To Become Illegal In Texas. Men To Be Fined $100 If Reported. Could Cost Trump The Next Election.

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Jessica Farar, the Politician responsible for the new bill.

Millions of men in the US State of Texas have been left baffled with a new development in the laws in their state with the most recent one being that Masturbation will be illegal and anyone who does the act without permision from the state and not in a designated area like a sperm bank will be fined $100.

This bill and proposal is the brainchild of Texas Politician and activist Ms. Jessica Farar who is pushing for it to become law and get enforced allover Texas.

Many many have complained on Facebook and other social networks and said they will not vote for Ms Jessica Farar again and also it is worth noting that Texas is a Republican stronghold and Trump won big there.

Many men are now complaining that this is happening right under Trump’s nose and if they start getting heavy fines every now and then , then they will not vote for Trump at the next election unless he reinstates their right to masturbate.

Note: Women pushing for this law say masturbation is equivalent to abortion. For every sperm “wasted” during masturbation, that could have been used to make a child. So the activists want equal rights: No abortion means no masturbation either.

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