Brexit Special: Britain To Forge New Ties With Russia After Boris Johnson Proposal Is Rejected By Former Colonies

Britain will now mend bridges and cultivate a close and mutual partnership with Russia in a new development that will shock many Political observers and comes after Britain left the European Union and reportedly failed to reach a trading deal with former British colonies many of whom are now trading and building partnerships with Asian economic power houses. China and Japan are now the favourite trading partners of Britain’s former colonies.

In a new report by The Independent Newspaper of London, Britain has been in secret talks and secret advances towards Russia, sending messages and offering to work closely with Russia whom they have in the past accused of violations of human rights and also British Politicians have in the past called Russian President Vladmir Putin a dictator. But all that will be put aside and the two countries will work together.

Boris Johnson will be the first British Foreign Secretary to visit Russia in five years, in a nod to the acceptance to forge new ties and work hand in hand. Mr Johnson is expected to visit Russia in the next two or three weeks to hold talks and build new partnerships.

Russia is the biggest supplier of natural gas to the European continent and has immense reserves of Oil and natural gas, resources that have turned the former Soviet Republic into one of the wealthiest and most powerful countries on earth. Some economists speculate that Russia’s Economy and Wealth Index is twice that of Britain.

Boris Johnson trip to Moscow will be expected to bring better results as his last trip to Africa was deemed by Political pundits as a total failure and he left the African former colonies with nothing to show for. They did not sign any deals and were very skeptical of the intentions of his trip.