One Of The Major Achievements Of Brexit Will Be Bringing Back The Blue Passports. Are You Excited? Yes Or No?

Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party has said that millions of Britons are very excited at the prospect of getting blue coloured passports. Mr Farage, who is now nicknamed as Mister Brexit and was the influential force behind Brexit said he’s over the moon and can’t wait to get the blue passport and talking on his radio show on LBC radio, he said he will be the first in line for the blue passport.

A few Britons on social media however said the colour of the passport was not such an important issue for them and they didn’t care what colour the new passports will be.

It is estimated the printing of new passports will cost 500 million pounds and will definitely not have the word “European Union” on top.

We are therefore inviting our esteemed readers to the discussion. Are you as excited as Nigel farage about the new passports? Does the colour of the passport matter so much to you? Are you eagerly awaiting the new blue passports? Please let us know in the comments and also SHARE this story so we get more respondents.

we shall compile the comments in the poll and see what percentage are excited or not bothered by the blue passports. Thank you!