“Easter” Is Being Dropped From Cadbury’s Easter Egg Hunt As It May Be Deemed Offensive To Muslims And Atheists

Cadbury’s aside, the words “Happy Easter” are likely to be replaced by “Happy Holidays” in a move that wants Britain to be more inclusive and considerate of people of other faiths who don’t celebrate Easter especially the Muslim community and also the Atheists.

Already, it is politically incorrect to say “Happy Easter” and the correct greetings during the Easter bank holidays is “Happy Holidays”.

Cadbury’s has waded into murky waters by removing “Easter” from the “Easter egg hunt” and simply renaming it “Cadbury’s egg hunt.” While Cadbury’s has not broken any laws, it has been harshly criticised for this move and Prime Minister Theresa May has slammed Cadbury’s decision as ridiculous.

The above sign has been removed and all references to Easter will eventually disappear. Many people who don’t celebrate Easter holidays have welcomed this decision and applauded Cadbury’s for being more “inclusive.”

Many people have been surprised by Cadbury’s decision and many have threatened to boycott Cadburys Chocolate but this shouldn’t really be a surprise. They should ave seen it coming.

All Christian festivities are to be slowly watered down. Already it is not appropriate to say “Happy Easter” or “Merry Christmas”  in England as some people may find it offensive. To avoid offending others, the best words to say are “Happy Holidays” which are more inclusive.

As the Easter Holidays are just around the corner, let us take this opportunity to wish our readers “Happy Holidays”.

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