UK Made Weapons Contributing To Humanitarian Catastrophes, Says Jeremy Corbyn

British weapons are contributing to humanitarian catastrophes across the world, Jeremy Corbyn has said ahead of Prime Minister Theresa May’s visit to Saudi Arabia which is thought to be the biggest buyer of British Military weapons which then proliferate through out the Middle East through legal and black markets.

In a break with protocol, Jeremy Corbyn becomes the first high profile Politician to mention and acknowledge UK’s lucrative but deadly trade in weapons that has had far reaching consequences in many parts of the world.

Theresa May has responded by saying it’s totally fine as Britain contributes aid to war torn countries.

Britain is the second biggest trader and exporter of weapons in the World after the United States and analysts estimate the UK weapons trade to be worth 7 billion pounds annually. The UK government keeps weapons sales figures and numbers secret.

“Arms exports aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet, they can have deadly consequences and send a message of support to some of the most abusive regimes in the world,” said Andrew Smith of the Campaign Against the Arms Trade.

All extremist groups from Alshabaab in Somalia, ISIL in Syria and Iraq, Alqaeda are using western made rifles, grenades bombs, air to surface missile and all weapons imaginable. These radicals simply raise funds to buy the weapons which are available on the black market and sometimes on the internet.

Some regimes buy the weapons straight from the UK then pass them over the extremist fighters and radicals. It is the cycle of trade and violence that feeds into each other. British, US and Russian weapons are scattered allover the globe and are to be found in every war torn country on the planet, from Libya to Liberia, from Mogadishu to Monrovia, Syria to Iraq, Angola to Congo, Sudan to Gambia, the list goes on.

Jeremy Corbyn’s statement while true will probably land him in trouble for being “Unpatriotic” and for criticising the weapons trade that creates wealth in his own country.

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