Theresa May Should Have Worn Islamic Headscarf On Trip To Saudi Arabia, Says Muslim Scholar


Image credit: Reuters

A Muslim scholar has criticised UK Prime Minister Theresa May for visiting Saudi Arabia and not adhering to what he called  Islamic dress code and standards. “When you are in Saudi, you do as the Saudis do. Theresa May should have worn a headscarf like other women do, ” he said to his followers.

The Muslim scholar is a Saudi citizen but currently living in Yemen from where he was closely monitoring Theresa May’s visit on Television.

Nasir Al Mansur who teaches at the Islamic Madrasa in Yemen also blasted his home Country for allowing such things to happen and claimed that the Government was just opening the floodgates for other women to start dressing “indecently”.  “No woman should be allowed to dress how they want as long as they are on Saudi soil. They should all follow the law of the prophet. No exceptions. period. ”

Mr Al Mansur’s comments will threaten to reignite the debate on women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. Women in Saudi Arabia are expected to be fully covered in hijabs or muslim dress and are not allowed to leave the house unless escorted by their husband or other male relative.

Also they are not allowed to drive cars in a case that is highly controversial and divisive. Women in Schools and Colleges are separated from men and Saudi Arabia is ruled under strict Sharia law.

A British couple who were found kissing on a beach in Saudi Arabia were thrown into prison and then deported out of the country. That’s how serious things are.

Please give us your opinions. Do you think Theresa May should have worn the Islamic dress Scarf? Yes or No.

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