I Would Rather Shove Wasps Up My Arse, Briton Responds When Asked If He Will Vote For Theresa May At Next Election

Wasps are vicious, deadly insects and a sting could land you in hospital, even kill you. But that is exactly what one Briton is willing to risk with the alternative being to vote for Theresa May at the next general election.

The British gentleman Mr Odyses Mill has become an internet celebrity after his Q and A in which he said he would rather shove wasps up his arse rather than vote for Theresa May.

Mr Mill has become admired by hundreds of social media users who said they have not seen a man so brave and determined to go through so much pain because of what he believes in.

Theresa May has become extremely unpopular overnight especially after signing the article 50 that was the last hurdle in the hard and nasty Brexit that has divided many people in the country.

Many people took to social media and many have been taking part in polls and many online polls show that Theresa May’s popularity ratings have plunged to an all time low to 28%.

We now open up this space for our dear and beloved readers to tell us what they think. Dear readers, We are not saying that you do something as drastic as Mr Mill because we believe shoving wasps up your arse is a pretty dangerous activity.

All we are asking is, would you vote for Theresa May at the next general election? Yes or No?

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Comment on Facebook but also on this site. Comments on this website will be automatically compiled in a poll and the results will be displayed next week. Thank you.

P.S    Do not try shoving wasps up your arse. We shall not be held legally responsible. All we are asking for is a yes or no.


  1. not a chance NO instead of focusing on the EU the country needs to look at the state of this country since the conservatives have taken office both financially and socially. They have not made any party of this country any better and its all their doing. I am going to vote for a Jeremy Corbyn lead Labour party the country needs real change and that will only come from a party that is offering that change instead of more of the same.

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