What Mousa Ouzman Of Camden Posted On The Internet Has Caused Uproar And Now Brexiters Want Theresa May To Be Tough On Refugees

Many Britons are calling upon Theresa May to be hard and tough on refugees and in the process “return Britain to its former glory.” Mousa Ouzman arrived in the UK as a 17 year old refugee and lived on the streets for quite sometime and eventually got lost in the system, living homeless and getting his meals from soup kitchens in the UK capital.

Mousa has failed to get over those tough days and says he’s traumatised by how he was treated in what he calls the most civilised country on earth. He’s now 29 and an alcoholic and a chain smoker though he is in denial and says he only drinks socially and his life doesn’t revolve around drinking and smoking.

Still that doesn’t justify what he posted online and even though he’s now apologetic and full of remorse, Brexiters want him sent to jail for the material he posted online and also the comments he made after Article 50 was triggered by Theresa May. All the comments on his post was that he should atleast serve a year in jail and learn a good lesson and that Theresa May should be very tough and very hard on refugees.

But a legal expert has blasted the Brexiters and said that Mr Mousa Ouzman did not commit any crime and that there’s virtually no case against him. “If people choose to pursue this legally then it will end up as a useless witch hunt and a waste of court time,” Anthony Brown, a London based lawyer said.

The case against Mousa Ouzman is complex. While distasteful, there’s not much point in prosecuting him or punishing other refugees because of that.

He posted a video of Youths in an Arab country burning a British flag on March 29th and shouting “Damn England, Damn Brexit, Damn UK.” He added his own comments on the video saying that “Brexit was the final blow to mighty Britain” and after several comments from angry social media users, he deleted the video and his comments and later wrote an apology to anyone who was offended but Brexiters have continued to hound him and say they want him thrown in jail.

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