Theresa May Has Delivered Brexit. Now She Wants Your Votes And Support At The Next General Election. Yes Or No?

Tough lady Theresa May of the United Kingdom delivered a huge blow to the Remainers and has safely delivered and achieved the will of the people by removing Britain from the European Union.

But now she will need more support from Britons as she works to unite the Country and forge the way forward. Already she has the support of the Media and all major newspapers especially the Sun, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Star, Evening Standard and others have provided her with unwavering support through out the Brexit Process and have helped her rally the people to support Brexit.

However, she now faces the challenge of fully legitimising herself, redeeming herself and winning the hearts and minds of all British people. While the Labour Party and Remain campaigners have blasted her as an unelected Prime Minister, now the next challenge for her is to call an election and stand for election.

It is believed she will be running against Jeremy Corbyn of Labour Party and Tim Farron of the Liberal Democrats even though she apparently faces mounting challenges from within her own party. Uncomfirmed reports say there is going to be a power grab and power struggle as two prominent Conservative MPs want to run against Theresa May at the next General election.

Boris Johnson is also rumoured to already be making a strategy to out manouvre Theresa May at the next general election. If the Conservatives divide themselves at the next election, then Theresa May will lose. If they unite behind Theresa May then she can win.

But surely she will need your votes and your support.

Will you vote for her and support her? Yes or No? Please comment and SHARE this story so we can get as many comments as possible then compile these comments into a poll. You can comment on Facebook but also on this site as comments on this site will be compiled into a Poll. Thank you.



  2. Tories are an insult to mankind,a new form of low life which i thought only existed in foreign governments.A good government does not persecute its citizens like the tories do.So its a big NO from me,i would never vote for that scum unless it was to exterminate them.

  3. It is only that May has NOT yet delivered Brexit that I still feel hopeful. this action is a disaster on its way to happen, and I hope she is not obsessed enough to turn back at the brink. this business will destroy her when she is unable to produce the utopian deal the Leave campaign expects of her. It will certainly have happened by the time the Tories go to the country, which renders this entire exercise redundant.

  4. I would not consider voting Conservative as long as Theresa May is leader, or for that matter whilst they have a leader who supports Brexit. These people are opportunists who will apparently do anything to hang on to power, regardless of the damage they are doing to Britain. I also would not vote for an opposition party which appears to be supporting these unprincipled opportunists. I am hoping that before the next Election a new pro-European party may have been formed, but failing that I will vote Liberal Democrat.

  5. Vote ABT.

    Anything But Tory.

    At least for the local elections and the next General Election.

    Have to disagree about rankings. May leads the field in intransigence and stupidity. Must be a relief for Cameron who was a good candidate for worst ever PM. Then May comes along and he’s not even the worst PM in 2016.

  6. All she has delivered so far is a letter to Donald Tusk. She has zero chance of obtaining a settlement for England that is anything like what she promised and she has zero intention of offering Scotland any of what what Holyrood has voted for.
    One MP north of the border is one more than she deserves.

  7. Not a chance would I ever vote for any Tory ideology.I was brought up on never trust a Tory and it’s never been proved wrong.

    • Similarly, I was bought up in a Conservative family, living in Farnham Surrey, a long-standing Conservative borough. Even my Scottish grandfather, rather amazingly, was a lifelong Conservative. However, I now concur fully with you in that there is no chance whatsoever that I’d vote Tory. Theresa May’s Brexit agenda seems to me far too contrived. Brexit is dangerous, senseless, and unethical. It seems Theresa May is following a course she believes will win votes. That is not leadership. I would actually prefer Jeremy Corby as PM, because, no matter how much castigation they try in an attempt to denigrate the opposition (a Tory trick employed ever since Cameron’s 2010 success based on the same unethical principles), Jeremy Corbin is actually honest. And that is, very important.

      Cameron unfairly blamed Gordon Brown for the international banking crisis and became elected on that basis. He then went on to throw the UK to the hazzard – offering the EU Referendum in a gamble to crush Ukip – and to silence the Conservative right-wing Eurosceptic old gaurd. What place do these people have in 21st century politics?

      The Conservatives, in short, are destroying Great Britain.

    • Would I vote Conservative? Absolutely, categorically, no! Especially not with Theresa May at the helm. The good Conservatives, such as Ken Clarke and Michael Hesletine have been more or less put out to grass. What has replaced them, is a singularly unpleasant group of people altogether. Boris Johnson may be funny, and good at playing the bufoon, rather like Billy Bunter, he is an idiot. If one could stand the arrogance, I imagine he’d be a great laugh at a party. But as a politician? Seriously, this has to be a joke. Over Brexit, they’re still talking about doing a great deal outside of the single market – when plainly, no such deal exists. Last year, EU Finanzminister Wolfgang Schäuble – aptly offered to send them a copy of the Lisbon Treaty. Rather an intelligent response to the Conservatives’ idiotic claims.

      The article herein above points out that Theresa May is supported by the following group of newspapers. Sun, Daily Star, Daily Express, Telegraph, and Daily Mail. These are a mixture of right-wing Brexit rags – the majority of which are owned by Rupert Murdoch, who has visited the PM 10 times since the beginning of this year. Media corporations, as it would on this basis appear, are running Great Britian. The Daily Mail remains in the same family ownership, known for it’s former connections with Adolf Hitler’s 3rd Reich and the British Nazi Party – should not go without note. These newspapers have no credibility. It’s time the British public realized that, through the propaganda and spin coming from this vile media, they have been duped into something which now deeply threatens the fabric of British society.

      Among the Conservative’s many false claims is the ludicrous idea that they are ‘building a strong economy’! Lies, lies and more lies! In truth, they have increased Britain’s indebtedness from an £800 Million national debt inherited from Blair and Brown’s Labour governments – to a massive £1.7 Trillion – up by £900 Million – in under 7 years!! Labour had already inherited £400 Billion from John Major’s government and borrowed a smiliar amount again, but only after a) fighting the Iraq war, and b) digging the British Banking system out of a state of insolvency – after the repercussions from the US meltdown – following the collapse of Lehman Bros – known as the international banking crisis. The Tories from 2010 faced no such issues. Yet, in under 7 years they have borrowed more than all previous Conservative and Labour governments of the last 50 years combined!!! And they have managed this fiscal disaster DESPITE their swingeing austerity cutbacks against the poor and disabled – whilst giving massive tax cuts to the Super Rich! Vote for the Conservatives? This question must be tantamount to a joke! Absolutely no way.

      Conservatism is a thing of the past. Brexit is going to beak Great Britain. It’s a Titanic failure.

  8. What is it with everyone saying theyre supporting the Fib Dumbs?

    Did you miss the coalition? theyre just Tory arse lickers, just like UKIP

    The only one who cares about the less well off, the disabled (like me) the elderly etc is Jeremy Corbyn.


  9. I would rather get a gobble off Jo Brand than vote Tory, any Tory, not just that thing.

    Thats a no by the way…..

  10. NO.. I’ve voted Tory for 40 years. Never again. Not for someone who puts power and party ahead of the good of her country.

  11. No way. She is a megolomaniac who has talked incessantly about “the will of the people” whilst completely ignoring 16 million voters who did not want Brexit. She is not representing me and never will.

  12. No way, she has betrayed her own anti Brexit stance, common sense, democratic process and the list goes on. Her and the useless and equally corrupt Corbyn have sold this county out to the Far right rascists. That is unforgivable.

    And even the potential of Boris for
    Pm must be fought at all costs.

  13. No. I’ve recently joined the Lib Dems – the only party to have the guts to provide any opposition to May and her despicable bunch of cronies. I campaigned for Remain leading up to 23 June in the streets of my home town with our Tory MP, Philip Dunne, who eloquently and passionately argued the case for remaining in the EU. Immediately afterwards, shielding behind the facile “will of the people” argument, he has turned tables. I most certainly will not be voting for this self-serving hypocrite and the corrupt and delusional party he represents.

  14. I will vote for May…the day the opposing candidate is Satan dripping with the blood of innocents. And then I won’t be happy about it.
    That’s a firm NO BTW.

  15. Absolutely not- in fact I’d like to see her prosecuted for the devastation she has already wrought on our country

  16. Conservatives will NEVER get my vote, they have let this country down. Liberals every time or any pro remain candidate

  17. Never. An incompetent, vacuous, narrow-minded, xenophobic, unintelligent woman who presides over the moral wreck of a once great party reduced to a gang of arrogant third-rate crooks who have made this country an international laughing stock and ruined the lives of the disabled, the unemployed, EU citizens who came here in good faith and their British partners and friends, refugees, the working poor, not to mention ruining education and the environment.
    In plain English. No fucking way!

  18. No. One can only assume that your question was an April fools joke. Sadly the real joke is not in April, but is May

  19. Absolutely not. Grammar schools, killing off the elderly, poor and disabled, shilling for the super rich. Why would I vote against the interests of everyone I know and love.

  20. Vote for Theresa May? Never, ever! Nor will I vote for any other member of the Conservative Party for as long as I might live. They are leading our country to financial, economic and social ruin. This is NOT the will of the people and the Conservative government will be held solely responsible for the utter folly of the U.K. abandoning the European Union at such dangerous times.

  21. I once was a tory voter but have seen the error of my ways, they only look after the already rich. Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party and it’s a breath of fresh air our country under his leadership can become fair for all.

  22. HAHA NO! why would anyone want to vote for a woman and a party that destroys the lives of the disabled and poor? That under funds public services to breaking point and continuously denies it? Allows tax evasion for the rich and big businesses to run rampant, and also gives them huge tax breaks but then slashes money from vulnerable disabled people, people have died in huge numbers because of her and her system, either by suicide or cutting funding and selling off sections of the NHS to private companies so people can’t get the care they need, I’m sorry but Jeremy Corbyn has my vote, and always will.

  23. Absolutely no way – how can we ever trust her – before the ref she was for remain – if she was genuine in that view there was ample reason not to accept the result of a discreditable referendum only gained by a narrow majority and any sensible person would have concluded in the event of the narrow margin, the lies and misrepresentations by the leave side, the evidence of many who did not know what they were voting for, the evidence of those who were voting as a protest against Whitehall, that it would have been unsafe to proceed with Brexit.
    But what does she do after an extremely short time, not enough to fully consider the position, she appears on the door step of No 10, ‘Saying Brexit means brexit’ – she later describes it as an overwhelming majority – a later comment is that she is supported by 65 million people – at the same time she says she is going to make fair and prosperous Britain for everybody but she does not let on what has in mind – she has to play her cards close to her chest so as not to give the game away when it was plainly obvious she did not have a clue.
    Then we have the struggle with her insistance of trying to take executive power to restrain her – she loses that – it goes to the HoC where the original 2/3rds majority of MPs in favour of remain are magically changed to leavers – something to do with threats to careers and whips and suchlike I believe.
    Now she is still peddling out the same old rubbish about a glorious future, everybody will be looked after and prosperity for all whilst the pound is dropping, inflation is rising and many companies upon which we do depend making plans to relocate at least in part to within the EU.
    The only possible gain I can see for her is that if she can hold off the worst of what there is to come until after the GE in 2020, she may be able to hold onto to power but very quickly after that I suspect the chickens will really come her to roost and she and her tory party will be consigned to the dustbin of history and future generations of kids will be growing up and wondering how the hell we could have been so stupid, inward looking and selfish to the extent we ended up putting a blight on their lives as well, especially when you consider that in less than a generation the number of remain voters who voted in the referendum will exceed the leavers by some margin due to the demographics and the grim reaper.
    All this could have been changed by her showing leadership and acting as a stateswoman to end up going down in history as a saviour but self interest for her, her cronies and LFB took precedence.
    I have never felt so ashamed of my country in all my life which stems from the time we were being bombed by the German Luftwaffe.
    Or I could say that never in the history of our country have so many been buggered by so few.


  24. No, certainly not. She is not up to the job. People I feel sorry for are the 16 – 18-year-olds who were not allowed a vote in the referendum but whose whole lives will be affected by it. Long after Theresa May and all her right wing chums (and me!! – not a chum) are pushing up daisies these people will be coping with the mess Cameron and now May have put us into.

  25. Absolutely not. Unless the brexit nonsense is stopped.

    It wasn’t the will of the people. Any one of: allowing disenfranchised overseas resident Britons to vote (a Tory manifesto pledge, incidentally); not stating it was advisory only; or allowing 16-17 year olds who will be 18 by March 2019 to vote; (or, quite possibly, just preventing the Leave campaign form continuing with the £350M pledge, the single most blatant of their lies) would have changed the result to Remain. The polls show that remain is now the majority desire, and it is growing steadily.

    Brexit wasn’t the will of the people, and it is even less so now. Any politician that says they ‘had to’ accept it as the will of the people is either weak, knowingly lying, or a fool.

    The death penalty is the will of the people. That doesn’t stop MPs from rejecting it EVERY TIME it gets voted on (in a free vote) because they know that is the RIGHT thing to do. What makes Brexit different?

    Fracking is not the will of the people, yet Tory MPs vote for it over and over again. So how is Brexit different?

    Brexit is not the will of the people, but even if it was, MPs are representatives, not delegates: that gives them an obligation to do what they know is right, whether it’s popular at the time or not. Every expert (and I fall into that category) knows that leaving the EU is a disastrous for this country, whilst within it we had a superb deal. Leaving is bad for our wealth, our security, our integrity as single united kingdom, our global standing, our research capability, the opportunities we and our children have.

    The only people that benefit from us leaving the EU are tax avoiders and those that wish to make a quick killing from taking over public services at fire sale prices and by exploiting weakened regulations. This is becoming clear to even the most uninformed voter, and once even the Mail, Express, etc. can no longer keep up the lie that all our problems have always been the fault of “foreigners” or “Brussels” they will realise that they have been betrayed. The politicians that sided with the liars, exploiters and betrayers will then have no more future than yesterday’s chip paper.

  26. Resoundingly no. A turncoat for party political and probably selfish reasons. A denier of rights and a hypocrite, devoid of a constructive vision and with no apparent ability to empathise with others or consider differing points of view. A social and political divider. Reckless, inconsiderate, dangerous.

  27. Dream on May I voted remain and will never vote for a party that has destroyed the prosperity of the NW EU islands

  28. She is the worst PM of my lifetime. She changed from Remain to Leave and does not care that man y were not allowed to vote and others have changed their minds, having been lied to. SHe is forcing this through sadistically. If she had the slightest scrap of decency she woud have guaranteed the future for EU nationals already in the UK. She hasn´t. She loves deporting people. I fear for their future.

  29. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, I will NEVER support Theresa May or any of the Selfservatives Brigade. Illegally bought the election and also, nothing has been ‘delivered’ yet, it’s all going to mess up this country beyond belief!

  30. No, Theresa May is the worst PM in living memory – she has divided and wrecked this country and should resign. I cannot even put into words the utter disgust I feel about this whole Brexit shambles and about the totalitarian arrogant behaviour of Theresa May. If she thinks she is going to get me to back her and unite in her favour, she must be severely delusional. In fact I find it deeply insulting to be told by her, that I must back Brexit. I hope that every day something scuppers her plans.

  31. NO!! I will never support the Tory party ever again. Jeremy Corbyn has my vote – finally we have a politician who speaks the truth, cares about our country and has integrity. Unfortunately, the right wing MSM are hell bent on trying to get rid of him, which is not working thank goodness! May out JC4PM.

  32. No! She will never have my vote. She is driving the worst self harm this country has ever done to itself which if she continues will take decades to recover from. She has a choice to do the right thing and she is choosing not to.

  33. Not while I have the mental capacity to differentiate right from wrong and before I lose that capacity I will pass on my anti tory vote to my next of kin so that it will endure!

  34. Unfortunately I voted for the tories in last 2 general elections, but I will never never vote for the scum again and have since joined the Lib Dems.

  35. No, I will not vote for Mrs May.
    I stupidly voted Conservative in the last General Election when their manifesto promised that they would keep us in the single market. Mrs May and her Conservative MPs have broken that promise and are taking a tremendous risk with our economy. I have never been particularly interested in politics but I am now enthusiastically working hard with the Suffolk EU Alliance group to make sure the Conservatives lose seats in the local elections and do not win the next General Election.

  36. When she took over I was ready to give her a chance to come up with a reasonable compromise for Brexit. After all, she was a Remain supporter and had said we were better off in Europe than out. Since then she has spouted childish platitudes, attempted to break the law by invoking Article 50 without Parliament’s consent, called me a citizen of nowhere, told me that I am one of 65 million supporting her, treated people from the rest of Europe who live here as bargaining chips, and seems hell bent on delivering the most damaging version of Brexit possible. So now I detest the woman and I would rather cut off my own hand than vote for her or her party.

  37. I would never vote Tory again and certainly not with her at the helm. She is a mad, deranged, deluded, power crazed woman, who does not listen to the people she is supposed to serve. Brexit is the worst idea ever and will be the downfall of the UK if it goes though. She keeps saying it is the will of the people but the country and the people are very divided and there will be no unity over this ever

  38. Absolutely not. She has delivered chaos nothing else, planless, clueless, jingoistic. Leading? A cabinet of inadequates

  39. Nope, after a lifetime of voting conservative, their inability to put country before party means the lib dems will be getting my vote from now on

  40. No. I would NEVER vote for her or any of the MPs who supported Brexit! She is a lunatic overcome with a false sense of power. Her use of the phrase “the will of the people” is sickening. She does NOT speak for me!

  41. Remember people, xenophobia and back stabbing careerist social climbing are the best way to lead a country and look after your interests!

    In other words: Just say no.

    Ps: ‘has delivered’, ‘all major newspapers’ etc. etc.
    You might want to consider employing some journalists, not a UKIP blogger with the deductive ability of Trump on a cocaine climbdown…

  42. How good is she at getting down on her knees and begging? Then getting a refusal? She doesn’t listen to us, why listen to her. She’s not getting my vote.

  43. No, definitely not! I have voted for the Conservatives for over 50 years, I will never vote for them again. Theresa May and the Eurosceptic rump of the party have destroyed it. I will vote for the only major party with an honest, principled leader who cares about his country LibDems.

  44. No.
    I could never vote for someone who puts party above country as she has done. She’s going to go down in history as the woman who left one union on spurious grounds and smashed her home union to do so. So much for the official name of the Tories being the “Conservative & Unionist” party. There has never been such a divisive prime minister.

  45. No, definitely not! I have voted for the Conservatives for over 50 years, I will never vote for them again. Theresa May and the Eurosceptic rump of the party have destroyed it. I will vote for the only major party with an honest, principled leader who cares about his country or LibDems.

  46. I’m speechless Must be 1st April why would anybody even consider supporting this evil yes evil woman. (And she said she didn’t want the Tories known as the nasty party she got her way from now on they’ll be known as the EVIL Party)

  47. A weak prime minister who cannot even control her own party fringe. The UK is entering this in an astonishingly weak position -it can only get worse in the next 2 going on ten years. The UK position in the world is now an embarrassment.

  48. No. Brexit is not in the country’s best interests. She is on her way to destroying the country. Not in my name.

  49. I have never voted Conservative.
    I will never vote Conservative.
    If the concept of reincarnation is true then I will never vote Conservative in any of my future incarnations, even if time is infinite.
    Even if quantum theory is true and there are an infinite number of parallel universes, then none of my infinite number of incarnations in any of these infinite number of possible universes will ever vote Conservative.

  50. No. She & her Blukip cliwns have chosen to screw the whole country by interpreting the narrow win of the seriously rigged & dubious referendum to suit the Tory party & her own political aspirations. She doesn’t listen to anyone or want any healthy debate, & is furthermore interpreting the “will of the people” to mean leaving the single market which she has no mandate for. I will never vote Conservative again (& am ashamed to say did vote for Cameron). I will never vote for them again,& have become an active member of the Liberal Democrats too. Hell would have to freeze over before I endorsed anything this government have done.

    • Thanks for using the word “narrow”. The Mad Mullahs of Brexit and the Jenny-come-lately convert May immediately commandeered “clear” and “decisive” after the disaster and we were all in such deep shock we didn’t emplace “small” or “narrow” as descriptors. Let’s change that!

  51. No, never ever vote Tory again, joined Lib Dems to fight this mendacious, lying shower of a party, worst PM living memory. Brexit entirely down to internal Tory fight, it’s pathetic.

  52. No. Not even when hell freezes over. Theresa May has destroyed the UK and the future of millions of people in my opinion.

  53. Err nope, in fact I’ll never ever ever vote conservative again, ever. We have just jump off the cliff and the union will disintegrate.

  54. No. She is not listening to the people. She has ploughed on with her “Brexit is Brexit” attitude for her own purposes.

  55. Absolutely not ever. Hypocrite, liar, worst and last pm of the UK. Will do all i can as a citizen to oppose her and her treacherous cronies

  56. No. She certainly has not delivered Brexit. She has another 2 years at least to ruin this country some more. I will NEVER vote Tory after this awful unfair unlawful mess.

  57. No.
    She – and the Tory party – have lied and cheated to get where they are. Why would we ever trust them?

  58. Who on earth would vote for this shower ?

    Brexit is a shambles built upon a foundation of lies and mortared with the hopes of the gormless

    The idea that I might vote to shore up those happily delivering it is just ruddy daft


  59. To quote ELO, Evil Woman. Actually we DONT yet have brexit and the hurdles to jump are huge. Pull out now; get rid of May and her clowns

  60. No Chance at all. After this it’s possible the tories will never be elected again. One can only hope tha that is the case.

  61. Definitely NO. May is disuniting the country. One of the most uncaring and inhuman PMs we have ever had the misfortune to have in office. She is a traitor to the country and a liar.

  62. She can go f**k herself! Her and the Tories have destroyed this country. Brexit never should have happened! All criminals! All liars!

  63. Good gods no. The second worst Prime Minister in my lifetime. (You can have fun guessing who I think was worse.)

  64. No.
    The referendum was based on lies. 26% of the population, 37% of the electorate is not the will of the people.

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