Theresa May Has Delivered Brexit. Now She Wants Your Votes And Support At The Next General Election. Yes Or No?

Tough lady Theresa May of the United Kingdom delivered a huge blow to the Remainers and has safely delivered and achieved the will of the people by removing Britain from the European Union.

But now she will need more support from Britons as she works to unite the Country and forge the way forward. Already she has the support of the Media and all major newspapers especially the Sun, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Star, Evening Standard and others have provided her with unwavering support through out the Brexit Process and have helped her rally the people to support Brexit.

However, she now faces the challenge of fully legitimising herself, redeeming herself and winning the hearts and minds of all British people. While the Labour Party and Remain campaigners have blasted her as an unelected Prime Minister, now the next challenge for her is to call an election and stand for election.

It is believed she will be running against Jeremy Corbyn of Labour Party and Tim Farron of the Liberal Democrats even though she apparently faces mounting challenges from within her own party. Uncomfirmed reports say there is going to be a power grab and power struggle as two prominent Conservative MPs want to run against Theresa May at the next General election.

Boris Johnson is also rumoured to already be making a strategy to out manouvre Theresa May at the next general election. If the Conservatives divide themselves at the next election, then Theresa May will lose. If they unite behind Theresa May then she can win.

But surely she will need your votes and your support.

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