Russia Was The Master Planner Of Brexit From Start To Finish. Putin Just Can’t Stop Laughing!

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Putin Laughing so hard that he cried. Images: Isar Tass

Brexiters will be shocked to learn that they have been playing Russia’s game all along, and ofcourse there is no doubt who the winner is. Russian groups have been heavily involved in Brexit from start to finish and even the hackers have been busy influencing the flow of information, silently influencing UK’s right wingers and oversaw the Brexit referendum and then finally article 50, yet to be comfirmed reports suggest.

Our pride means we shall simply live in denial and even not talk about the Russian influence and motives for Brexit.

What if the multi millionaire sponsor of UKIP is a pawn in the game without even himself knowing? What if his calls, his emails, his conversations and even his travels are monitored by a group of Russian hackers?

On 29th March when article 50 was officially triggered, there was celebrations in Russia. At a private dinner in a moscow, a video leaked online showed a group of powerful men popping champagne and making Brexit jokes. The 2 minute clip was deleted from Youtube just after less than 30 minutes. But that aside, it is common knowledge that Brexit will benefit Russia so much.

Putin will be able to play Britain against the whole of Europe especially when it comes to natural gas and energy supplies. A Britain isolated from the rest of Europe is extremely weak in the eyes of Russia. If anything, the Pre- Brexit Europe was a threat to Putin. A divided Europe will be Putin’s playground.

In the US, investigations against Russia’s involvement in the US elections have planted seeds of distrust in the US democratic system and that’s where Russia wins. By weakening the US and now Britain, Putin will be ROTFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing.)

To save face, we Britons must all live in denial and say Russia was never involved in Brexit and also it has nothing to benefit. To admit that Russia has played us will be a total embarassment. A labour MP Ben Bradshaw who tried to warn Parliament of Russian involvement in Brexit before it was too late was laughed at and dismissed as a conspiracist. But who is laughing now?  We must now forge our own British identity but the fact is we will not be as great as we were before. Unless we now join the Commonwealth and forge a new partnership that is very strong and powerful.

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