Nigel Farage Is Now Ready To Be Prime Minister And Donald Trump Will Fully Support Him

Nigel Farage, the man who successfully led Britain out the EU and is known by his close friend US President Trump as “Mister Brexit” is now setting sights on Theresa May’s job. He has taken a swipe at Theresa May and said that “Donald Trump and his administration have reservations about Theresa May.”

It is an open secret in the UK Independence Party that Nigel farage is going to run for Prime Minister. Mr Farage running for Prime Minister will come as an unpleasant surprise for the Conservative Party who were planning to intensify their grip on power after delivering Brexit to the people.

Nigel farage will be a threat to Theresa May and the Tories because of his rising popularity and his grassroots campaigning experience. The Conservatives worry that Nigel farage will be able to convince Conservative voters to join UKIP and also will be able to gather the support of Independents and disgruntled Labour supporters.

Donald Trump will fully support any role that Nigel Farage is interested in and has previoulsy been unhappy with the current UK Government when they failed to take up his suggestion that Nigel farage be appointed UK Ambassador to Washington.

Mr Farage will be a thorn in the side of Theresa May and Westminster pundits say that finally Theresa May could plan a smart strategy of “exiling Farage” by giving him an Ambassador job to Washington or even South America, just to keep him away from Westminster and keep him busy and unable to campaign and prepare for the next general election.

Speaking to the Express Newspaper, Nigel Farage has refused to discredit the rumours about him running for Prime Minister, refused to deny his interest in Theresa May’s job, ┬árefused to rule out running for Prime Minister and with a cheeky smile said that ” anything is possible.”