Live Poll: Should Islamic Studies Be Made Compulsory In British Schools To Promote Cultural Awareness?

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Experts think widely teaching Islam in British schools could help to promote cultural awareness with the end result being the ability for all faiths to live in harmony and also counter the threat of Radical Islam that targets sensitive isolated youths from Islamic backgrounds.

The recent terrorist attack at Westminster that saw scores of people injured and several killed when a British born terrorist deliberately drove a car into a group of people at westminster bridge before proceeding to the Parliament where he killed a Police officer has caused so much uproar and tension.

Nigel farage and the UKIP supporters were quick to blame this incident on foreigners and Muslim immigrants and also to use crude language to say that there are many forces of violence in Islam.

However the Government position is to bring all religions together instead of dividing them and also to promote awareness about how Islam is a religion of Peace. An unverified document that has been leaked on the internet shows that there’s consideration and suggestions that embracing Islam and promoting awareness of it among the native population could actually do more good because the Muslims will not feel isolated.

Many peaceful muslims become radicalised when they don’t have social support groups in schools and at home so there have been suggestions that all state school should start teaching and promoting Islam although this is still speculation at the moment and hasn’t been comfirmed.

Our editor has written to the Secretary of Education Hon. Justin Greening to get a full report on this issue but has not got a response back .

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