Live Poll: Trump And Boris Claim To Be Extremely Intelligent And With The Highest I.Qs Ever. Do You Agree? Yes Or No?

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Trump and Boris have been labelled as “extremely dumb and socially useless” by users of Reddit, a social networking site. In a heated debate on Reddit, the members of the social network came to the conclusion after analysing hundreds of speeches made by the blonde duo, the racist gaffes made by the duo, and the controversial and “morally repulsive” issues that the two always get into.

While a few Redditors came to the support of Trump and Boris, many slammed them and said they lacked any real intelligence or social and common knowledge.

Donald Trump was slammed for his treatment and attitude towards women and his unfortunate Access Hollyood tape with Billy Bush was brought up in which he said he just grabs women and doesn’t have to ask. He “grabs them by the pu**y”, to put it in his own words. The Access Hollywood tape is still circulating widely on Youtube and Daily Motion.

Boris was slammed for his negative view of people of different races and for his article in the Spectator magazine in which he claimed that Black people have no intelligence at all and said that the Commonwealth countries were of no use to Britain except for the single fact that these countries provided cheering crowds for the Queen when she was travelling.

Redittors concluded by saying that both Trump and Boris are “Dumb af.”

However, Boris and Trump disagree. The duo believe they are the most intelligent men that ever lived.

Boris Johnson never misses an opportunity to tell and remind people that he attended Oxford University and also lets them know that he is a master at Classics and also speaks Latin. ( Latin is an extinct language!)

Donald Trump meanwhile has claimed his I.Q is extremely high and also doesn’t miss an opportunity to tell people that he studied at the Wharton School of Finance and also that Wharton is the best school in the world- according to him obviously.

This poll is therefore a way for us to gather opinions and really find out if this is true or not. Do you think these men are really intelligent? Yes or NO?

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