Kissing Europe Good Bye ! It’s All Over Now, After All The Hard Work Of The Past Generations

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From now onwards, Britain will be closed in and isolated. Britain pushed for a hard Brexit and they should expect hard ball from the European Union. Britain is currently under the spell and iron grip of an ultra right wing Government and unfortunately also under the spell and tight grip of the ultra nationalist and ultra right wing media.

Ultra Nationalism, Ultra right wing movements led to the Great Wars that the world has ever known. And it was after the end of the Second World War, and probably as a direct result of the damage inflicted upon Europe during that conflict that the wheels were set in motion to create the European Union.

The European Union with its Insititutions like the European Court of Human Rights, the European Central Bank, European Parliament, the Court of Justice, among others and the Free Trade Area, Rights of free movements of all Europeans are things that have been taken for granted until today when we leave Europe as things will change dramatically.

While Brexiters will choose to live in denial, the European Union is the best thing that has happened to the European Continent, Britain included since the end of Second World War.

And as Britain begins a lonely journey by exiting this great Union, things will change forever. When British Airlines are charged taxes for using European Airspace, the bill will be passed on to passengers as ticket prices will get higher. British Airlines will not be able to compete freely with European Airlines in Europe unless they shift their headquarters there. This means jobs moving to Europe, means holidays in europe becoming more expensive.

Jumping on EasyJet or Eurostar for a few bucks and hopping around Europe will be a thing of the past. Going for bank holiday to Rome? Barcelona? Madrid? You will have to pay more.

Things are about to get real for the Brexiters.


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  1. Boris at least has an education – although he would rather not show it. Farage plays the same game.
    Trump is just crass and has no concept that anyone else might have knowledge which he does not. No education, no culture, no manners.
    This is the age where “experts” and people with experience count for nothing, nor diplomatic protocol – just power and money and what it can buy you.
    Poor world – let us hope it wakes up before total disaster.

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