Iconic Picture That Is Breaking The Internet Right Now! Do You Support These Women? Yes Or No?

Photo Credit: Reuters

Last week was a disastrous week for Britain. As the debate raged on about Brexit, we got more unfortunate news.

A home grown terrorist, a middle aged British born Muslim attacked our Houses of Parliament, ran over people on the bridge with his SUV, then attacked and stabbed a Police Officer at the Houses of  Parliament.

A number of people including a Police Officer were killed in that attack and this has again brought up the issue of radical Islam.

Nigel Farage of UKIP blamed the terrorist incident on immigration which is a bizzare explanation.

Theresa May the Prime Minister has insisted she is going to crack down on radical Islam and stop such attacks before they happen. In fact, security experts say that such lone wolf attacks are the worst as they are mostly unpredictable.

Muslim women gathered at Westminster bridge, the scene of the incident to show their kindness and support to the victims and all people touched by the terrorism incident. The picture taken of the Muslim women at Westminster has gone viral.

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