UKIP’s Plan To Dominate British Government And Remove All Liberal MPs Should Really Worry Any Sane Person

From left: Nigel Farage, Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore in 2016

Nigel Farage left, centre is Aaron Banks the Insurance millionaire funding UKIP and Andy Wigmore.  Photo by Telegraph

UKIP operates in very strange ways. As the whole of Britain is now absorbed in Brexit and the after shocks of Brexit, UKIP or the UK Independence Party is working tirelessly to throw another surprise to the nation after Brexit.

Aaron Banks, the millionaire who donated millions to UKIP to help them with Brexit is now pledging millions more to unseat all UK MPs from Parliament who never supported Brexit. These MPs will be replaced by UKIP sympathisers or MPs who hold ultra right wing views.

On a podcast on Telegraph news, Andy Wigmore , a close associate of Aaron Banks comfirmed that Mr Banks has pledged his support and is determined to unseat all MPs who were against Brexit.

Aaron Banks already used his influence to get major right wing newspapers to support Brexit and viciously attack anyone who dared challenge Brexit.

Once UKIP and ultra nationalist and ultra right wing individuals take over Parliament, Britain will be changed forever. Brexit is only the beginning.

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