Lucrative Sperm Donor Business To Be Shut Down By Health Department, Women Advised To Use “Proper Channels”

The lucrative unlicensed sperm donor business in America and the United Kingdom is to be shut down forcefully and all culprits, participants and middle men will face court trial and lengthy jail terms.

The Department for Health is investigating into the underground and illicit sperm trade in New York, Boston, Chicago and other major US cities and also the boom in sperm trade in London, England.

Undercover police women posing as potential buyers have busted several rings and reports say a teaspoonful of sperm which is enclosed in a sachet sells for between $40 to $60 dollars. A few samples have been bought by undercover Police women and are being held in refridgerators at Police stations to serve as evidence when the cases get to court.

Adverts of the sperm donor services have been blacklisted from Craigslist, a popular buy and sell classifieds website that operates in almost every major city in the world.

The Government is advising all women to resist being lured into unlicensed sperm donor services but to go to dedicated and specialised fertility clinics and visit certified sperm banks.

“Even if the sperm banks charge higher fees for their services, the women are assured of good services and professional help,” a Government health worker said.

Anyone caught selling sperm in the US will face federal charges and face hard time in jail as President Donald Trump’s new policy is being hard on crime in major cities.

However, in London, UK, the law is soft on crime and this may fail to deter the illicit sale of sperm which may have adverse health conditions if the sperm donor business is not regulated.

An advert on Craigslist that was calling for Candidate donors claimed that men can make up to US$200 per day tax free or US$1000 a week tax free depending on how active and the volume of their ejaculate.

A London doctor, Andrew Smith of Harley Street Clinic said that that an average man can produce one to three teaspoonfuls of sperm per ejaculation and that a man can ejaculate even as many as 20 to 30 times a day depending on their sexual strength and stamina. “Sperm can not run out. It just keeps reproducing. It’s a bodily fluid that doesn’t run out . Just like saliva doesn’t run out,” he said.

An undercover police officer from London, UK said they will not let this crime go on and said these sperm donors are preying on vulnerable single women who are desperate to have children and any unlicensed sperm donors will face the long arm of the law. “No one is above the law.”


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