Live Poll: Theresa May Wants Your Votes At The Next General Election. Yes Or No???

Theresa May has insisted that she is working for the people and that by pursuing a hard Brexit, she’s fulfilling the will of the people.  She is already preparing for the next general election.

It is worth noting that although Theresa May is working for the British people by “helping” them through this difficult Brexit process, she is not an elected Prime Minister.

However, she will be representing the Conservative party at the next general election and she will need your votes and your support.

Will you vote for her?  We are anxiously waiting to hear your opinions about this.

Please comment on Facebook or Comment on our website. We shall make a final poll from the comments on our website to see how many people will support and vote for Thresa May, or to see how many will vote against her.



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  6. NEVER..NEVER..NEVER… would I vote for a party that have no compassion for the people of Great Britain.. They care only for money.. power…. and to contol the will of the people.. Great Britain has lost its voice and slowly losing all rights to living in a free, caring society.. TORIES WILL NEVER HAVE THE BEST INTERESTS FOR THE BRITISH PEOPLE..
    So I say …. No No and 100% Again NO to the TORIES…

    • I agree, she is an abomination. Say NO to the Tories before they chop up everything we hold dear and sell it off.

  7. No, she seems to have no concept of the repercussions of her actions. She will go down as the PM that bike the Union and trashed the country.

  8. The woman is a mad deranged deluded power crazed woman never in a million years would I vote for her, she is not listening to the people she is supposed to be serving, I will never vote Tory never again

  9. Not if she was the last person on earth! May(hem) is destroying the UK for her own ego and paying no heed to the welfare of the country OR the opinions of the populace – and all in order to ingratiate a chosen few of the far right brigade!

  10. I have been a card carrying Tory snce 1982. Not any more! This government is getting everything so wrong, if it weren’t so disasterous it would be embarrassing. I can’t work out what’s wrong with Mrs May. Is her pig headed arrogance her way of demonstrating that she doesn’t care that she’s unelected? I also can’t work out why the media doesn’t make anything of the fact that a year ago she held the apparently unswerving view that leaving the single market was beyond contemplation. She’s unelected; there is not a majority in favour of Brexit. So why?

  11. The May household income derives in part from the unpatriotic activity of helping investors avoid UK taxes, one of Philip May’s specialities. She is even more unpatriotically destroying the UK for a far right Brexit wet dream of low taxes and deregulation, and showing contempt for the lives and health of UK citizens by ruining the NHS.

    So, no, I would never vote for her or her party now.

  12. No chance! With the referendum vote so close, and it being only an advisory referendum at that, soft brexit was the obvious choice if Mrs May wanted to heal division in the land. So what did she do? Go for the harshest, cruelest brexit possible, alienating not only the 48% but a good portion of the 52% as well (even 7% of UKIP voters now regret voting Leave, according to the latest poll!). Unfortunately, a small core of hard-headed brexiteer bandits are holding Mrs May to ransom. They treat brexit like a religion that cannot be questioned. Their approach to it is so childish – accusing anybody who dares to examine the risks of brexit of “talking the country down” – it is bound to be catastrophic. It is ill-conceived and poorly planned – we know that because hundreds of jobs for brexit boffins have gone unfilled. People would rather go without a job than betray their country – because it is a betrayal of the worst possible kind. Our children’s future has been stolen. Our Union is under threat. Our very way of life is to be sacrificed on the altar of brexit delusion. I will resist it until the bitter end.

  13. Sadly there’s no real Opposition to the government. Equally it does not have a mandate to change the constitution, but it is ploughing ahead, anyway.

    I shall not be voting for a continuation of a government acting without regard for fellow EU citizens, running the economy into the ground and ignoring the fact that the referendum was close run and the nation is divided in a way that I have never seen in my 70 years.

    The lessons of history appear to be lost on our politicians.

  14. No, no, no. She does not represent me or my family. She is anti everything I believe in. She is destroying the country. Austerity hasn’t worked so why keep on with this way of accounting. Making everyone poorer except for her and her buddies is not the way to endear the public to her. Her governments treatment to the sick and disabled is disgusting and goes even further against the UN report. They are taking away our human rights to be a citizen of Europe and have increased the national debt far more than any other government.

  15. Never! Conservatives are putting themselves first as usual and allowing a right-wing populist agenda to destroy the UK. Lib Dems will get my vote.

  16. No – I would never vote conservative – not in a million years. They make the rich richer and the poor poorer. I want our NHS protected, and all those huge multinational companies forced to pay a fair share of tax. I think Brexit is a terrible thing – and I don’t think there should have been a referendum on this in the first place. This country desperately needs proportional representation. My votes would probably go to the Greens or Lib Dems.

  17. There is no way I would vote for May. Be it Brexit, austerity, NHS privatisation by stealth, election fraud, ignoring the 48%, her wish to diminish human rights legislation and our participation in ECHR. …the list goes on and on.

    I can’t think of one good thing to say about her.

  18. Hell will freeze over before i vote for her, shes out for herself only and brexit is a problem she can hide it under

  19. May does not have the slightest idea what she’s doing. When you wilfully sever the social cohesion provided by a super-ordinate group (in this case the EU) to expose the next layer in the group hierarchy (in this case the UK), you have no guarantees whatsoever that social cohesion truly exists at that level. All the signs are that it does NOT exist which means it too becomes a severed group (in this case the constituent countries of the UK) and there is no guarantee that these severed entities, which have not been self-standing, will find social cohesion. I predict Scotland will hold together and rejoin the EU, Northern Ireland will stare renewal of the civil war in the face and decide to Unite with the Irish Republic and England and Wales will tear themselves apart as the economy goes into free fall.

    The Brexit resistance starts in earnest the moment May pulls the trigger. She will soon realise that hell has no fury like half the population scorned. This is a no win situation for her. It’s lose-lose for everyone unless and until she reverses course or asks us hurriedly for another referendum.

  20. Not a chance
    The Tory party has been hijacked and is reinterpreting it’s own manifesto to evade the single market
    It’s taking an extreme Brexit position beyond that needed for a simple leave situation
    This is wrong, Remainers are unrepresented in parliament.
    There can be no national unity by these means.

  21. No way will I vote for a woman or party whose only interests are themselves and their rich cronies.They have no idea how ordinary people live.

  22. She has absolutely no chance. I think she is fooling herself because of her lead over labour. What she does not realise is that this does not reflect our support for her, but our hatred for Jeremy Corbyn, but eve given that come the election we will be looking for our revenge on the brexiters and will vote in whatever way is likely to result in the removal of the Conservative government because they are responsible for brexit.

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