Cheap Holidays In Europe, City Breaks To Be A Thing Of The Past After Brexit

Continental Europe is the leading holiday destination for Britons going to seek out the sun, vacations and summer breaks especially bank holidays. Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Benidorm, Paris, Nice, Prague, Tenerif, the Swiss Alps, among others have for the past decades become a playground for Britons wanting to get away for vacations, school holidays or minibreaks.

And the prices have fallen and become more affordable as more Britons travel for holidays but all this is about to change in a few months, maybe even weeks after article 50 is triggered and Brexit is finalised.

There will not be any more cheap holidays and gateaways and already holiday firms are struggling to adjust as others are already looking to promote domestic tourism as most Britons will likely forget going overseas and vacation at home.

UK holiday firms will suffer and will have to adjust and start promoting holidays outside of Continental Europe which will come with a heavy price. Basically, the era of cheap holidays and gateaways is simply over.

British Airlines which have enjoyed open competition and access to European Airspace for the past two decades will now have to start negotiating and applying to Europe to access their airspace for business.

Ryan Air and EasyJet, the no frills airlines have been drawing up strategies and preparing for Brexit since the referendum ended and their outlook is not as good as during the pre-Brexit days.

The airline and tourism industries will be among the first casualties of Brexit.

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